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Furries to the Rescue!

I usually get lots of responses when I talk about Furries. When I have in the past made fun of them—they are rather easy targets, we must concede—I drew lots of heat. It was pointed out to me, though, that amongst the Furry community, only a percentage engage in the type of pervy behavior for which I was poking fun at them, and that this subcategory of the Furry is called a “Yiffer” or something like that. Thus I was really making fun of Yiffers, I was told. Fair enough.

I am pleased this week to be able to report something positive regarding Furries. When a group of Furries in San Jose, in town for a Furry convention, witnessed an assault taking place inside a vehicle, they dragged the assailant off the victim and out of the car, restraining him until police could arrive. Good for you, Furries!

Thinking about it, I would imagine a Furry suit would make for pretty good armor, should some jerk try to pound you. And this dude was seriously outnumbered, as the street was filled with Furries. I kinda, a little bit feel bad for him, though. Can you imagine what it was like for him when he got to jail and the other prisoners asked him how he got his ass kicked, and by whom?

The Evil Cheezman • February 2, 2020

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