Full Moon Fever 2012: Werewolves… on the Moon?

Okay, right, so I get that werewolves and the moon have a special magnetic relationship, but the idea of werewolves actually on the moon, might be going too far. The plot for the film is adapted from Joe Casey’s comic book, so we already know what the movie is about, –and not just some vague thread of semi-coherence like -some- comic/movie duets I could mention… There’s also a pretty decent story; if it is a tad on the weird side. It’s sci-fi horror style; old monsters mixed with the future. Plus, it’s named after one of the best Tom Petty album that was ever produced.

The story plays out like this, –in the comic anyway, –this guy heads off to the moon, where he’s basically a glorified garbage man. The pay is decent, although he has to leave his daughter at home, –presumably on earth. Everything is going great until he shows up with his fellow lunar garbage men, and everyone is gone, –the face of the moon is as empty as a ghost town. And there are werewolves everywhere! From there, there’s spaceships, werewolves, astronauts, and all kinds of fun, unlikely shit. The graphic novel received great reviews; it was written and developed by Joe Casey, who has a long history of comic book writing in the Marvel Universe, with credits in Dark Horse, DC Comics, and more.

Joe Casey has adapted his own story for film, following the latest trend in turning comic books into films, –which, might not be such a bad idea, considering Casey’s prolific career. On the other hand, the film is being produced by Solipsist Films, and they generally produce films with a low-budget, backyard sort of style. Aside from occasional cameos by decent actors, they also tend to hire unknown nameless faces. As to the quality of the film, it’s a coin toss, –we can only hold our breath, and wait for its 2012 release.

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