Full Moon City

You guys hungry for something to read? Well, I’ve got a new book for you werewolf lovers to check out, Full Moon City! This book is a collection of fifteen short stories by some of the best fantasy authors out there.

From New York to Los Angeles to Bucharest, fifteen never-before-published tales by some of the world’s finest fantasy and horror writers celebrate the newest incarnations of an age-old terror that strikes when the moon is full . . . the werewolf. No longer confined to the forests, these modern monsters can be found in places you frequent every day—and never before thought to fear. CARRIE VAUGHN’s popular werewolf radio host Kitty Norville is drawn into a controversy as to whether it’s fair to ban lycanthropy from professional sports. New York’s famous Plaza Hotel is the setting for ESTHER M. FRIESNER’s tale of one very grisly little girl, while Beverly Hills may never quite recover from RON GOULART’s middle-aged Hollywood screenwriter who falls prey to a most unusual problem. Celebrated fantasy author PETER S. BEAGLE tells a chillingly lyrical story of three Louisiana loup garoux locked into a deadly dance of death. Plus many more biting tales from award-winning authors: HOLLY BLACK, P.D. CACEK, GREGORY FROST, TANITH LEE, HOLLY PHILLIPS, MIKE RESNICK, DARRELL SCHWEITZER, LISA TUTTLE, IAN WATSON, GENE WOLFE, CHELSEA QUINN YARBRO

I am a huge fan of all sorts of anthologies – why? Because the great thing about them is that if you don’t like one story you can just move on to the next one, no big deal. Plus, they’re short stories, so even with a busy schedule you still have time to read at least one. But my favorite thing is discovering a bunch of new authors to check out. I have found some of my all time favorite authors via anthologies. So if you love werewolves you may want to pick this collection up.

– Moonlight

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