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Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale

WellingtonFrostbiteWith vampires being as popular as they are nowadays, werewolves aren’t getting too much entertainment love. There are loads of vampire books being released every week but not too many werewolf books; hopefully in the future that will change. As of right now most of the werewolf books coming out are romance novels, which is all well and good but we want ourselves a real badass wolf book. Looking through upcoming werewolf books one particular book caught my eye; Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale by David Wellington.

David Wellington is a horror novel king that has written quite a few supernatural horror novels. Most of his novels are all about vampires but this new book is about our beloved werewolves. Hurray! From the looks of all the excellent reviews on Wellington’s writing, his work is dark, unique and …scary. All makings of a good horror tale.

This new novel, Frostbite is the first book in a new series, and to copy the book description…

There’s one sound a woman doesn’t want to hear when she’s lost and alone in the Arctic wilderness: a howl.

When a strange wolf’s teeth slash Cheyenne’s ankle to the bone, her old life ends, and she becomes the very monster that has haunted her nightmares for years. Worse, the only one who can understand what Chey has become is the man–or wolf–who’s doomed her to this fate. He also wants to chop her head off with an axe.

Yet as the line between human and beast blurs, so too does the distinction between hunter and hunted . . . for Chey is more than just the victim she appears to be. But once she’s within killing range, she may find that–even for a werewolf–it’s not always easy to go for the jugular.

Sounds pretty rad right? Now, if you can’t wait until October 6 when the book is released you can go over here, to the author’s site and read the book online. This way you can check the book out, if you love it then you can buy book itself, if you don’t then you saved some cash. Win win.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • September 24, 2009

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