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The most recent episode of the new series TRUE TERROR WITH ROBERT ENGLUND was devoted exclusively to the monsters. The story of the infamous “Red Ghost” of Arizona was repeated. I was previously familiar with this story, as it is in its own macabre way quite comical. I was not, however, aware of allegations that the Ghost had killed anyone. The Red Ghost was actually a camel with a corpse strapped to its back. Nobody knows who the unfortunate man was or how he ended up tied to the camel, nor was it known for how long the camel had been carting around the cadaver. It was suggested on the show that the camel, in severe pain from the tightness of the ropes, had been drive insane and had thus begun attacking people.

I don’t remember ever hearing of the Blue Man of the Ozarks before, though. It’s possible, even probably, that I read about it somewhere, but the name didn’t stick in my memory. Was the Blue Man a traditional Sasquatch? If so he was untraditional in that he wore clothes—a loincloth, anyway—and apparently displayed the signs of old age. (It also killed its namesake, a mountain man named Blue Sol Collins.) I was also not previously familiar with the story of Jack Fiddler, the Cree Wendigo hunter, either.

I’m loving this show. For even a longtime scholar of Forteana like me, it offers things fresh and new. I hope you’re all watching it.

The Evil Cheezman • April 10, 2020

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