Freddy and TEEN WOLF

Concerning that image that was released as a tease for the new fourth season of STRANGER THINGS. I got so excited seeing Freddy Krueger in the background that I failed to notice, or note, that Michael J. Fox’s TEEN WOLF is also featured.

I do think I’d still love STRANGER THINGS if it wasn’t set in the 80s. But I doubt I’d love it as much. The show is not a perfect recreation of the era. I’ve spotted the occasional anachronism, especially during that first season, and others have pointed out that Steve’s acceptance of Robin’s sexuality isn’t necessarily period-accurate. There was a lot of homophobia in the 80s, I’m sad to say. And racism, too. And while there’s still plenty of that to go around today, it isn’t socially acceptable today. Back then it was a lot more commonplace. In that respect we’re better off today than we were back then. Things have gotten better in that one respect.

I’ve been to the video store where Steve and Robin work. Or worked, past tense. In the show I’m sure it’s still the same store; I just don’t know if they used the same building for filming. I’ve been to that building. It shared space with the arcade, though in the show the two are separate places.

By The Evil Cheezman

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