Four Awesome Werewolf Animes

Wolfs RainWerewolves are largely unrepresented in the media, but still remain the main contenders for vampires; because everyone knows that werewolves kick ass, of course. With all the hype about werewolf movies, cartoons, and comic books, what happened to werewolf anime? While werewolves don’t really play a major part in Japanese folklore, their American counterparts drifted East until landing smack dab in the middle of the anime monster craze. Here are some of our favorite werewolf animes; what are yours?

Wolf’s Rain – Another impossibly difficult story to follow; if you miss an episode, you’ll be missing out on a lot of important information. Werewolves are actually the last survivors of the wolf species that was hunted to extinction, living among humans in hiding. They are trying to find Paradise in a post-apocalyptic frozen world, while searching for clues to lead them there, a female leader, and all while being pursued by hunters and a crazy guy who previously kidnapped the woman destined to lead the wolves to Paradise. There are thirty episodes in all, and a two-volume manga.

magipoka Magipoka – Magipoka is a cutesy anime; lots of happy bouncy schoolgirls and such, which is always fun, especially when you want to take a break from the strict storylines and heavy drama in more complex anime. The werewolf in Magipoka is Liru, and anytime she sees anything that vaguely resembles a full moon, she turns into a werewolf that looks more like a golden retriever puppy than a monster from the pits of hell. Liru is bouncy, able to leap long distances, and has various other cute doggy character traits.

Rosario + Vampire – Ginei Morioka is the werewolf in this anime, president of the newspaper club, and also a total pervert. There’s something to be said about the innate desire to link werewolves with sexually deviant males, if it’s traveled as far as from America to Japan. When Ginei is under the influence of the full moon, his speed increases exponentially, and he’s even faster than Moka in her vampire form. Gin is usually comic relief, and has a massive crush on Moka, despite his constant flirting with all the other girls.

230px-Hyper_PoliceHyper Police – In this anime the werewolves are Batanen Fujioka and his cousin Tomy Fujioka, but they’re accompanied by catgirls and all other kinds of furry. The sad thing about anime is that once you thrown in anything half-animal, half-human, even if it’s a respectable movie monster like a werewolf, you’ll end up being forced to accept other furries with them. Some interesting trivia about the anime; criminals are only brainwash and mind-wiped after they’re convicted. In the manga, they’re castrated. Ouch.


  1. Thanks so much… It’s really irritating to find any decent werewolf anime. I did find one good one that isn’t on this page, though! It’s called Spice and Wolf (also called Wolf and Spice) and the Werewolf in it is called Holo. She is a girl with wolf ears and a tail (both tawny brown) and her personality is very arrogent, although she can get lonely sometimes. It’s a great anime, and well worth watching!

    Here’s the link to the manga version:

    ^^ Farewell.

  2. Inu Yasha is a great anime tht i didnt see mentioned. Though he isin’t a wolf, he is a half dog, but dogs and wolf’s aren’t tht far off. more like cousins.

    Inu Yasha is th half dog half human lead role, followed by Kagomi a reborn priestess of the ancient world born into our world but accidentally finds a well tht transports her into the ancient world. The story revolves around a search for a powerful jewel tht is seeked by all the demons in the ancient times. in a act to protect it Kagomi accidentally bursts th jewel in hunderds of shards and the journe to find it and restore it moves on.

    Funny, action packed, touching, full of gore and pervism, this one is not to b missed.
    {note} Seshumaaru, Inu Yasha’s brother and the most dangerous bro i have seen is one heck of a commrade. Watch it its episodes can b found on or u can catch th manga at


  3. Wolf’s Rain isnt about werewolves. it’s about wolves!!!
    They make an illusion to make them look like humans.
    They are real WOLVES.

  4. Do you havea pot about werewolf manga? If ya don’t there is one I would suggest Called wolf guy. I like it so far so hopefully other ppl with too!:)

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