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Forensic Furbaby

You know how forensic artists, sculptors, can take a human skull, completely denuded of flesh, and can, using clay and other materials, reconstruct the face of the person the skull once belonged to? They do it a lot with murder cases, where a victim is found long after the body has decomposed and the identity of the victim is unknown. They’ll show the reconstruction on the news hoping that someone will recognize its features and come forward. I’m always amazed that they’re able to do that, amazed at the talent of the sculptor. I also always find those reconstructed faces creepy A.F.

Recently, scientists or sculptors (or people who are both) used similar artistry to reconstruct the “face” of a canine that died in Scotland over 4000 years ago. The skull used in the reconstruction was discovered in 1901 in the huge Cuween Hill chambered cairn (aka tomb), which contained the remains of 24 dogs and 8 humans. Nobody knows the specifics, but it is believed that the tomb had a special association with dogs. As in, it might have been constricted primarily as a shrine to them.

The reconstructed dog’s face looks wolf-like. And just like those reconstructed human faces, I find it, despite its meant-to-be-friendly expression, creepy A.F.

The Evil Cheezman • May 3, 2019

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