For Werewolves with iPhones…

I imagine the worst thing about being a werewolf would be changing into a different form when it’s not such a convenient time for it. Imagine being in the grocery store or hanging out with friends, forgetting the time, and allowing everyone in on your very big secret! Whether you’re a werewolf that only changes during a full moon, one that changes according to emotion such as Jacob Black, or one that seems to make the change only at night, there is now a new iPhone app that will remind you it is time to go home. So you can make the change a little more discreetly.

This iPhone app is appropriately called Werewolf Reminder. By simply setting the clock for just before the change is about to be made, you will never forget the time and be left in an embarrassing situation again. In addition to reminding you that you’re about to make the change, the Werewolf Reminder also has an accelerometer, awesome graphics, and even some nighttime sounds that can get you in the mood for a change (just in case you’re not.)

The Werewolf Reminder is available at the App Store for the same cost as most of their apps – $0.99 but that is a very small price to pay for never being caught hairy-knuckled ever again. So if you want to make the change in private, keep your secret to yourself, and act like a normal human being in front of your friends…yep, there’s an app for that.


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