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A few days ago one of my wonderful Twitter followers suggested I write about the Followers of Romulus found in the video game Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. I checked them out and they definitely look like badasses, but they aren’t werewolves. However, while they aren’t technically werewolves, or shapeshifters of any kind, they are characters any werewolf fan could appreciate, which is why they’re getting a mention here.

The Followers of Romulus, also known as Secta Luporum, were devotees of Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome. According to legend, Romulus and his twin brother Remus were raised by a she-wolf, and according to the game, were said to be half wolf and half man. In tribute to this, the Followers wear the pelts of wolves.

The Followers of Romulus are big, powerfully built, brutish men covered in wolfskin pelts, and like wolves, they attacked viciously in large packs. Armed with various short blades and throwing knives, they growl and snarl during a fight. When killed, and often before attacking, they howl like a wolf.

The Followers of Romulus remind me a whole lot of berserkers, ancient Norse warriors found in old tales. These men would dress themselves in the pelts of bears or wolves and would then take on the attributes and character traits of that animal. Known for being ferocious rage-filled fighters, there were also stories that claimed that these men not only acted like animals, but also transformed into them. Other stories say that wearing the animal pelts gave them supernatural abilities, such as enhanced speed and strength. But for the most part, these berserkers were more like The Followers of Romulus, men who wore the skin of animals and acted like animals. Either way, they’re highly fascinating.

What do you think of the Followers of Romulus?

– Moonlight

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