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By far the best thing about the 1982 bigscreen Stephen King and George Romero collaboration CREEPSHOW, for me, was the “Fluffy” segment, titled “The Crate.” Unfortunately, time took its toll on the Fluffy puppet. The mechanism still worked, but the skin and hair were looking rough. Makeup maestro Tom Savini created Fluffy, but it was another Tom, Tom Spina of Tom Spina Designs, who headed up the salvage work. Now Fluffy looks as good as ever. Check him out in the photo above, and check out a time-lapse video of the restoration here.

The creature in the CREEPSHOW film differs from the one in the original Stephen King short story. Given that Fluffy in the movie originates from the Arctic, his, or its, depiction as more simian in nature makes more sense, I think. Fluffy is some kind of Abominable Snowman. In the short story, the creature is described as resembling a Tasmanian Devil. Given the proximity of Tasmania to the Arctic, as opposed to Antarctica–which is to say, it isn’t close AT ALL–the Yeti-esque interpretation works better.

Speaking of the Antarctic, here’s a T-shirt that I want for my birthday this year. Only the coolest of the cool people will get the reference.

The Evil Cheezman • May 18, 2018

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