Five Sexy She-Wolves

Every so often I see or hear complaints that there aren’t enough she-wolves out there in werewolf land so today I am bringing you, dear reader, a list of 5 sexy she-wolves.
Ginger Fitzgerald from Ginger Snaps. Ginger is a death obsessed teen who is bitten by a werewolf while dog-napping a classmates dog in order to convince her it was killed by the ‘Beast of Bailey Downs’. After being bitten by the creature Ginger goes from dog-napping dogs to murdering people and is only stopped when her sister Brigitte accidentally stabs her. Ginger is played by Katharine Isabelle.
Ellie Myers from Cursed. When Ellie and her brother hit an animal on the highway causing them to swerve into another car the two are attacked by the beast while trying to save the other driver. Strange changes begin to happen with the two including becoming stronger and more athletic. The two begin to develop a great deal of self confidence as well. Ellie has no idea what’s going on but her brother Jimmy has an idea. According to Jimmy, the animal they hit was a werewolf and since they were attacked by it they are becoming werewolves as well. Ellie doesn’t buy it until things start happening that she can’t ignore and she and Jimmy realize they have to kill the werewolf that bit them before they become full werewolves as well. Ellie is played by Christina Ricci.
Vivian Gandillon from Blood and Chocolate. Vivian is a member of the werewolf pack known as the loup-garou. Born in Bucharest, Vivian and her family moved to America when she was still young. At nine years old her family were slaughtered by hunters leaving Vivian as the sole survivor. Vivian was sent back to live with her aunt Astrid and her aunt’s mate, the pack leader Gabriel. Once Vivian turns 19 Gabriel decides he wants to make her his new mate but Vivian has already fallen in love with Aiden, a young American graphic novelist. Now Vivian has a choice to make. Does she follow the laws of her clan or does she follow what she feels in her heart? Vivian is played by Agnes Bruckner.
Megan from Dog Soldiers. After a platoon of army soldiers are attacked by wild animals it’s Megan that comes to their rescue. Megan takes the soldiers to an empty house claiming it’s the only safe place for hundreds of miles. Megan informs the soldiers that she is a zoologist who had come to the highlands researching the rumors of werewolves living in the area. What Megan fails to mention is that at some point she had been bitten and was a werewolf herself. When she finally does reveal she’s a werewolf she also reveals that she had led the soldiers into a trap and that the houseĀ  they were holed up in actually belonged to the werewolves. What a bitch! Megan is played by Emma Cleasby.
Laurie from Trick ‘r Treat. Laurie is a sweet, innocent 22 year old virgin. Her friends like to tease her about it but her supportive sister is determined that Halloween is going to be ‘the night’. After picking out their Halloween costumes for the big party they’ve come to town for, the girls offer to help Laurie find a fella but she’s determined to do it on her own. After separating from her sister and their friends Laurie is attacked by what appears to be a vampire, oh noes! Later that night Laurie shows up at the girls’ bonfire, vampire in tow. Turns out the guy isn’t a vampire at all, just your every day, run of the mill, serial killing school principal. Unlucky for the fake vampire Laurie is a real werewolf and she’s still a virgin because she hasn’t made her first kill and fully transformed yet. Guess who’s the lucky guy she’s picked to share her special night with… Yeah, I bet he wasn’t expecting it either. Laurie is played by Anna Paquin.
So there you have it my fur loving friends, 5 sexy she-wolves for your, um… viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


  1. just wanted to also add kitty norville from carrie vaughn kitty series to you list. actually a surprisingly good book.

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