Five Real Werewolf Sightings!

Are werewolves real? Are they myth? Well, if you don’t believe that werewolves actually do roam the Earth with us, check out these real werewolf sightings from actual people who think that they have seen a wolf of the scariest kind.

Mrs. Delburt Gregg of Greggton, Texas was awoken in the middle of the night by what she believed to be a werewolf. For some reason, the fact that it’s a story of “Mrs. Gregg” that happens in Greggton, it just sounds a little too fishy to me. [Hell Horror]

Check out this story of one of the first werewolf sightings. [Prairie Ghosts]

This is the story of Cannock Chase, one of the most famous places in England for werewolf sightings. And here are several accounts of what’s been known to happen there, and what eyewitnesses have seen. [I Love Werewolves]

This story is told by a girl who was camping with her friend and her parents, and she and her friend both believe that they could have seen a werewolf. I feel badly for her that she says no one believes her. But that comment that asks her if she’s sure she wasn’t dreaming is just tooooo funny! [Unexplained Mysteries]

One of the oldest legends in Virginia is that of the Werewolf of Henrico County. Read about it here! [I Love Werewolves]


    1. I know this is late, but you asked :P I warned humans, we only kill if they threaten our existance

  1. hello kendra. you shouldn’t ask for what you wish you had not got. some things are better left to chance than to ask for them. i know, but, to each their own. hang onto your silver. been around. hope you don’t run into some of the things i have. mothers say don’t be afraid of the dark. i got news for you. being afraid of the dark is what keeps most of us alive. safe journey. john

  2. there are millions that go missing every year. if you don’t believe me, ho ha, check out the missing persons list on the web. i’m not just talking here. i mean world wide.millions should click in your brain. start with your own area. you would be surprised how many people are not there any more. care to go where they were last seen.just a thought… just a thought

  3. everybody on this website has given their reply. who are you and why did you start this website. waiting for your reply…unknown

    1. I write for and help run this site. I am not the owner of the website, but obviously he liked werewolves so he created the site.

  4. hello moonlight. a.k.a. amanda. have you ever felt that hair on the back of your neck raise up. felt a cold chill up your spine. your breathing becomes heavy and you walk just a little bit faster. close the door of your house and lock the door. those are your survival instincts kicking in. don’t ignore them. they are there for a reason. just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. or close. who’s looking for who? safe journey. a friend.

  5. I want to believe sooo mucht that there is a chance for them to be real, because once I believe in them I can believe in other things… but for that, I need proof.

    I’ve read these posts and I think what Emily Baldwin is saying could be amazing if true in the slightest sense…


  6. Did you ever see monsters in your room when you were a (or still are a) kid. Even when the lights were on, you knew “IT” was still there, under the bed, or lurking in the closet. The dark closet. And you willingly went back to that room (or still do), night after night, knowing “IT” was there, no one believing you. Monsters wait. They wait for the right time, that right moment. It makes no difference what you think you know. It waits for you to be alone. And then…

    1. thats interesting but usually they wont just go away they simply change into something or someone else hench forth the name shapeshifter.

  7. I am a Native American and as a boy on the Lame Deer reservation I was coming home one night it was between 10:30-11:00 Pm I heard screams off to my right near a large forested area I went to look I thought it might be some who was hurt or got snake bit. In the darkness I could see a man who lived in our area he was moaning and pulling at his chest you could tell he was in pain I started to go up to him but some thing made me stop he was now standing up I was frozen in place he skin was starting to just fall off some here some there I was not even breathing He making sounds half a growl and scream he was not human any more he was a thing I was so scared the next thing I know I was running to my neighborhood faster than I have ever run before I told who and what I saw to the first bunch of people I saw they took me into there house and my Father was two houses down they all got their guns and went out to look for it The next morning we went to the Elders and I told them what I had seen and who it was they confronted him he never said anything to defend him self he left that day and I never saw him again I would not go out at night after that ever again I am now 50 and still I will not go out after dark I know some people will say it was dark But at night in the remote area at night the stars and what ever kind of moon light there is makes a lot of light enough that I saw what happened

    1. So ur a Garoul? why broadcast ur presents to the world? why not stay in the shadows like a good pup? anyidea of what would happen if the rong person, like lets say a military scientised read ur claim. and decided to take a look at ur dna. just a thought….

      1. I’m with you on that X. From all the research I’ve done there seems to be a very strict “no telling policy”. Why would anyone want the public to know that and than become a science experiment? I strongly believe other “special people” of all different shapes and sizes (lycan, fae etc) survive because they keep it very hush hush!! That’s the only explanation l can come up with to why no one has ever gotten proof of anything other than humans living on earth!!

  8. why must people criticize us werewolves? they must always believe in what they’ve been told rather than having an open mind of the mysteries of the world around them. Such a shame

    1. To you who say you are /or want to be a were wolf A shape shifter you have sold your soul to the devil we did not call him the devil where I grew up on the Lame Deer Reservation I saw what I saw Read my entry 06/08/12 There was nothing human left in what I saw For a few weeks Cattle Sheep and even dogs had been found torn to shreds until The one who was the shape shifter left our area

    2. can u describe what u saw? and how long ago did the encounter take place. and time of day it acured.

      1. Hi It was about 10;30 and 11;00 Pm it was summer in that area of the reservation there not many lights but with the stars and part of moon its light enough to see I was on my way home and I heard a gargled scream like some one was hurt so I went to see if I could help them When I saw a man from our area he standing his shirt was ripped off I saw him do it he was pulling at his chest and head when it started to rip open and bleed I was scared but I stood in the Shadows watching him he fell to his knees it’s face was changing as was his body he was now gurgling with pain breathing very hard face was changing along with his body it was a wolfish looking thing but not like a wolf it’s skin started to rip and fall away I do not know when but I found myself running as fast as I have ever ran before I went to the first house I came to they took me inside and called my Father it turned out he was just a few houses down helping a family friend fix his car I told what I had seen and who it was to them All families on our reservation have guns there were I think 5 or 6 men they got there guns at went out to find what I saw They didn’t find it but they found a bloody mess of skin and hair . The next day we went to our tribal Elders There I told What I saw and who it was they brought him into there office and I had to tell him what I saw He did not even say no it was not true or even ask any questions I never saw him after that The Elders and my Father said He was gone and would bother me again He just took a few clothes and left there were dogs,cattle and sheep that had been killed for weeks every body thought it was coyotes or some other animal But that stoped after he left To this day I will not go out after dark

  9. Firstly the notion that a man/woman can turn into a wolf like creature is laughable but I do believe there is some sort of animal that hasn’t been discovered yet that resembles a werewolf

    My encounter happened in 1995 I was 9 at the time (Please note that at this stage of my life I hadn’t seen a werewolf movie or even heard of one) Me my father mother and my brother where coming from our rural home in Murehwa (Thats in Zimbabwe in Africa) We where driving along a stretch of road around 10p.m when I felt the need to pee my dad pulled over so that I can go. I didn’t go far from the car so I started relieving myself a few metres away in some tall grass I saw a head sticking out at me from the top this thing was at least 7ft tall and it just stared at me. I quickly zipped my self up and ran back to the car (a little pee got on to my pants) My dad asked me why I looked spooked but I never said anything to him. Our rural areas are known for strong supernatural occurances I like to hear the stories from our elders but I don’t really believe them but some experiances

    1. to Tinashe Gate what tribe are you from I am from The Lame Deer Reservation of the Northern Cheyenne I know what I saw and it was a man at first but turned into some thing else The Elders tell us there stories some may not be true but others are told to warn us

  10. there are some really great storys of towns in Germany That have buit walls to try to keep were’s out

  11. How do you turn into a werewolf? I have to know…. I’ve been having some dreams about them lately and I feel that I’m destined to be one of them…please don’t think I’m weird..

  12. Werewolves are real, but they aren’t the humanoid figure that mythology has made them out to be. I being one myself, know the pain of the change, and warn anyone that wishes to be one. I would not wish the pain I have to deal with on anyone…

  13. My god you people are crazy, talking about all this “shifting” and “transformations”. Can anyone of you “werewolves” scientifically explain to me how something like that even works? No offense, but my bull-shit detector starts pinging when people say things like “I’m trying to master this phase” or “my bloodline makes me a werewolf”. I mean, come on people. I live in rural Rock County, Wisconsin and spend a lot of time in the woods, day and night. I’ve heard the stories, and im not saying that they’re not true, but in my experience I haven’t seen or heard anything around here that would have me believe werewolves are running around. And to the inexperienced eye, other big animals like deer and coyotes can be rather startling, especially at night, and in my opinion there’s just to many people with the mindset of “I heard something big in the brush behind me, it must be a bigfoot or something”. The woods are as scary as you make them, and some people have stronger imaginations than others. Im very much a realist, and tend to take things with a grain of salt. Until I see/hear something to make me think otherwise, Im gonna be skeptical about werewolves and other mythical creatures. Sorry folks, just calling it like I see it.

    And P.S. if im out hunting and see one these things, im bringing it down.

    1. When you see some thing with your own eye’s it is hard not to believe that these things are real. have you ever saw a million $$$ it;s real you have just not seen it I hope that you never have to see some thing so unnatural and evil as to make you believe

    2. First off It can come from ur bloodline. That’s we’re mine came from but I dnt turn into so big walking wolf. I just become very very aware of everything around me, if I am to fight I feel like I could snap is neck to easy and fast, I ran track for years when I lived in Alaska and was the fastest and the most fit there. I have always be fit and cut and never work out. I do not eat anything other then meat foods no veggies. Wht I’m saying is that just because you say it’s not real doesn’t mean that parts of it aren’t. Some are theory’s but most are facts look back in the 18 hundreds. Why would so many people believe in the Wolfman and be scared if there aren’t sum real facts. Wolfs are real we just dnt want to be found ;)

      1. Yes. I do see where everyone is coming from!! It’s hard to believe things you can’t see or feel. I do believe if there’s wolves out there your right they don’t want to be found!! Anyone ever watch ancients aliens on history? No one has seen aliens (well some people claim to see them or have been abducted) but there’s more and more facts emerging that they exist. Cave writings and such things from 1,000s of years ago and what about the pyramids no one can figure out how they were constructed. So with saying that my point is you never know!!! Maybe in the future they’ll be more information and proof!!! My mom always made me think when she said “there’s all kinds of folklore on all kinds of mythical creatures and such people just don’t make up things like that from so many years ago when we were no where near as educated as now so there is most likely some truth behind the stories”. I think she’s right!! Just my opinion don’t crucify me for it. ;)

  14. I am a very opened minded person and there are a lot of things that I believe in that can’t be explained, ( i am a Paranormal investigator) but the idea of a human turning into a wolf……I don’t buy it! Sorry!

  15. Listen people…. I don’t give to rats asses if you think we are real or not. I live without ailments, without the need to search for others like myself. If time has taught me anything its stay away from others because the one you think you will be a pack with will TRY to rip you spine out!!!!! My kids have the same smell as I do and I know they will have to leave far away from me and my pure blood wife when they come of age. Female wolves run the show so don’t get it twisted guys and if anyone ever ever tried to follow me then they will be the last one of their bloodlines that I take out to dinner. GET A FUCKING LIFE AND MOVE ON PEOPLE!!!!! YOU CAN NEVER BE ONE OF US WE ARE OLDER THEN THE KINGS OF EGYPT

    1. there are real things that men have forgotten about that are evil it is a real thing and you try to act like you are one of them I do not believe your a were wolf or a skin walker you might think you are who knows did you give your soul to the Trickster or the devil as you know him as far as a blood line is a bunch of crap

  16. we are only as evil as we want to be. many of us are not evil. i myself am a cristan and accept crist as my saver. i am like this because it is his will. we usually only attack people because they are a threat to our existence. i will destroy any who caught or killed an innocent human or werewolf. you have bennett warned.

    1. You sir are why they think we are all kooks please do not insult this web page they are trying to let people know the truth about such things Remember it is not what waits in the dark we have to fear it is when we see them and know if we see them that they now can see us as well.

  17. It is a fact that werewolf can be real but you also have to realise that nobody believed that you can fly but what did a man do just put parts together and created a flying vehicle and now airplanes are every were there some women who thought that witchcraft now it’s illegal but people do it by them self they call themselves witch’s or wizards so you never know

  18. To me… werewolves could be real and not, but for werewolf lovers and tryed ever dam thing, people will be more like a wolf, etaing meant walking on all fours at night… not having noting on them at night (even if it’s cold) ya i know someone that did that, it was a girl too so that musted had be really cold for her (Female parts) but she always have her heart on being a wolf, drinking water and something’s blood ya it’s weird But she’s fun ok…. (even if i aways see her with noting on XD)

  19. So it’s real….I’m native American and the dark is a whole different world I cannot stand it even inside the house it’s black I sense things and even a few feet I just don’t like dark
    Why inside a house ?
    Also I sensed something staring at me five years ago thru the kitchen window I stopped then walked on ….
    I’m in the country and know that feeling of shadows
    I just wonder if a man I know who won’t be near me is hiding who he really is ….
    Wolf wonderer

  20. I can turn into a werewolf and it is sometimes slow or painful and this is know joke, trust me it isnt oh and i believe in them and have seen plenty.
    Im the only one in my family who is one…

    1. Hm i am curious. I an a believer of almost anything, as anything is literally possible. How are you the only one in your family? Were you bitten or born(which would make your statement void meaning you would not be the only one in your family)? I am a very curious person, so i would like to know all details such as how does it feel, how long would you say it takes, where do you change, do you hunt, etc?

        1. Wait so your saying you having werewolf powers was given to you by your great grandfather?

    2. Hi I’m a witch I have a book called ramekins it belong to my grandpa from 1500s and it has the power to transform anyone into a wolf I’m legit and very powerful i have been alive since 1592 and haven’t age since I was 18 and I’m 422 years of age I’m in Webster new York if anyone cares to meet

      1. Hi if you get the chance please comment back if what you say is true and I not saying that it is not but if you know how to give someone the power to turn into a wolf like person I would greatly appreciate if you could give me the power to turn into one because I have be looking over just to find something like you have said so please comment back soon

      2. Well it is me again it turns out I am a warlock I was born of magic and I do not know anything about how to use magic but I have been researching a lot to find what I need to know

      3. hi Alex my name is jack i am a bloodline werewolf my age right now is 529 i was born in the 1400s its nice to meet you

  21. I really want to see or meet a werewolf. Contact me if you’re a werewolf and want to share your experience as a werewolf.

  22. other people that can turn into werewolves hey guys do you ever feel like your stronger during the blood moon or wolf moon and whats your favorite kind of animal meat in werewolf form mine is deer the reason i am a werewolf is because i come from a bloodline my great grandpa was a bloodline werewolf his first transformation was at age 15 he died at the age of 984 i am an immortal werewolf i am 529 years old with powers just like my great grandpa did my werewolf skin is white with the power to control ice snow and the wind i just wish he was still here to see how good i am at transforming now i bet he is so proud of me right now did you know he fought together with other werewolves in a war to protect the world from the evil likes of the vampires who wanted to take control over the world so the moon called all werewolves to come together and fight to protect hundreds were lost on each side but when the sun came up the vampires were weakened by witch led the werewolves to victory just before they transformed back into human form they celebrated there win with a howl at the moon before it was gone and so they decided to call the moon wolf moon on the day of there victory against the vampires

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