Five Real Werewolf Sightings!

Are werewolves real? Are they myth? Well, if you don’t believe that werewolves actually do roam the Earth with us, check out these real werewolf sightings from actual people who think that they have seen a wolf of the scariest kind.

Mrs. Delburt Gregg of Greggton, Texas was awoken in the middle of the night by what she believed to be a werewolf. For some reason, the fact that it’s a story of “Mrs. Gregg” that happens in Greggton, it just sounds a little too fishy to me. [Hell Horror]

Check out this story of one of the first werewolf sightings. [Prairie Ghosts]

This is the story of Cannock Chase, one of the most famous places in England for werewolf sightings. And here are several accounts of what’s been known to happen there, and what eyewitnesses have seen. [I Love Werewolves]

This story is told by a girl who was camping with her friend and her parents, and she and her friend both believe that they could have seen a werewolf. I feel badly for her that she says no one believes her. But that comment that asks her if she’s sure she wasn’t dreaming is just tooooo funny! [Unexplained Mysteries]

One of the oldest legends in Virginia is that of the Werewolf of Henrico County. Read about it here! [I Love Werewolves]


  1. Well we need real pictures I ceartinlly think werewolves are just a leagand cause how can any one turn into a wolf you cant do that that’s a fact cant belive till ya see it ;) And If there were werewolves it would be in the news, Newspaper, REAL pictures but there was no saying there wasnt but so far of we know there not real just maybe we dont know

    1. Werewolfs are real, and maybe their not in newspapers because people dobn’t belive one another. and if you’ve heard what i’ve heard you would belive in werewolfs.

    2. We do exist. How would we be able to come out in this close minded society. Think of how we would b treated, like lab rats or targets for hunting. The average human would not know how to react or understand or even try. I wish I knew others like myself. Its like being a mutant or just an outcast or black sheep, it hurts alot n its lonely. Pretending to blend in with ignorance n living a double life in the shadows. Its not cool.

      1. I do believe you, and I have some questions for you. Do werewolves like go to regular schools, or do you have to skip school during the full moon. And I’ve heard that you are crazy during a transforation. And is it true that you could only turn a human when you are in your full wolf form. is is true that you only transform during full moons?

      2. Hey I’d also like to know how old are you. Are you like REAL vampires and live up to 2000 years. Like their young are 150-500 years, teens 500-1000, and adults 1000-2000. I think. So is your lifespan similar to that of a vampires. Oh and does the transformation hurt, and what causes it genetics or magick?

      3. Too many people say vampires and werewolves are not real nowadays. However, my thinking is that it is because the government wishes to keep people from knowing the truth about these sentient beings. That is why they tell us it is false, do you agree. Why or why not? Oh and are there real vampires here aka: traditional vamps here?

      4. I’m with you there sometimes you want to show them what you are but they think your a monster or evil,it’s not true. If they wanted to see a monster I would love to show them a monster, some time you just felit in your blood just to scare them.

      5. beta dont be like that be proud of who you are your a werewolf thats awesome God has really blessed u so take charge of it and if you cant just dont be down all the time be happy and look at the bright side of everything dont worry Gods got your back trust me.

      6. omg your not a werewolf stfu! if this shit was true we wouldve heard about it on the news and the gov couldnt cover it up bc the media is not run by the gov. get a life! werewolves have never and never will be real its just some medieval fairytale

    3. How can someone change? We humans only use 5% of our DNA, scientist call the rest junk DNA because we do not use it, what if someone learned how to turn on unused DNA your body would start to incorporate that activated gene that was turned on. That’s how, but once on I don’t think it can be turned off. It might be permanent.

  2. the smartest animals are the ones that man has not found. the bravest animals are those who risk for the sakes of others. and the purest animals are those who care. i am a believer for it is true humans might never know for sure but i have seen pics of wolves….. they were not what they seemed i could tell i could see the human in it the intelligence and the kindness wild animals cannot have.

  3. Call me a lunatic, bt I like my world werewolf free. We have enough humans committing horrific crimes.

  4. Regarding, Werewolves and Sasquatch, both are real and both come from the same place. They are not imaginative. Both are natural, and yet, supernatural. Why do you think that the Native Americans have both in their culture? What do they know that European man does not? Or did European man know, but over time has forgotten. You don’t have to believe me. But as babes come from the womb, wisdom comes from knowledge and experience. They both walk the earth now.

  5. I’m pretty sure that most of these are fake, cuz only hybrids stand on their hind legs. And it’s hard to hold that pose.

  6. hay I wont to be bitin to! hay oter dood thare is an old amv calld wolfs ran in stad of humans turing in to werewolves it wolves turing in to humands so thay dont all diy / I Love werewolves so bad I wold love to have a werewolf as a wife / what I thin is the guvrmint is hidin the seecrit thay are afrad that if evrybody finds out it wold make all of us go nuts i know I saond like im one of thos crazy ppl but im not I think werewolves try not to be seen I also think thay have totle control over thar transformashon but thats just me(“_).

  7. have you every noticed when ur little that u thin every thing is real the boogieman gohsts abd almost everything when ur little nd sometimes ppl dnt even tell these things u jyst kno its something out there its something about ur heart that leys u kno that nd itz krazy that when u get older u dnt beleave no more but i still beleave itz things out there dat we dnt kno about maby werewolvs are ther maybe bigfoot hell evenda boogie man but we will never kno bkuz ppl dnt have ther feeling in there heart

  8. omg i wish i was a werewolf heck i want to go to that cannock chase in england just to see one XD why cant i be a werewolf? :(

  9. I beleve in this stuff becus all thes encanters i have told my frinds and all thay do is laffe it not funny i thare i one cretcher i dont belive in it is bigfoot that sort of cretcher it just sans stupid and rediclis its probly a rednack in a soot but werewolves thay are real id seen one or moore waLL travling thats all i have to say

  10. Last April I was walking around my yard collecting chocolate eggs when I heard something rustling in the bushes. I looked up in terror and my heart leaped out of my chest when I pulled back the bushes. There I saw a half woman half rabbit laying an egg. I ran to the house to grab my camera but when I returned it was gone. I thought I would call the police but I know they wouldn’t believe me. Was this a real live Easter Bunny?

  11. I believe in bigfoot and all that jazz, but i’m not so sure about werewolfs. The scientific facts about human anatomy do not at ALL work with the myths of lycanrothpy. some of you up there even said you were werewolfs, BULLSHIT. Your attention freaks. A REAL werewolf would not say they were a werewolf and thats just common sense you dumb asses.

  12. hay bitchplease you right you dont tell the publick that your a werewolf the guvermint will coverit up any way thay hid this stuff thay have vedo evdince evry time someone puts a real werewolf video on youtube thay coverit up and it gits on my neervs the publick woold flip if thay did not coverit up i had my one expirnis with werewolves thay are not dangress as you think but some are so bad as you can git thos tipes will kill you on site dont ask me how i know hay a wererabit relly that compleetly stupid thar is no such thing i dont see werewrabits in the histry books dume SSA redit the other way

    1. Sorry but if you want a single person to take you seriously here you should try at least spelling things correctly.

  13. I really want to be a werewolf…I really don’t care if I get injured in getting bitten by one as long as I can be one.

    1. hay storys like that is evdinc i had 3 expirinces with werewolves but less tarefing thin yours 1 time a werewolf wus at my windo belive or not i walkd to the windo opend it and sad hay how are you she sad nothing and rane off I wus at less 13 the thing about me im not scard of anything a week later i startid studin to find out what i saw and i was kind of shoct wen i fand out and the other 2 expirinces im not talking about it

  14. One day i was in the woods with my friend when we came across an animals skull.We looked around to see if it was safe to pick it up.My friend picked it up thinking it was safe,or so we thought.We went to leave when we heard a growl.We froze.Turning around we saw it.An imensely large beast of a werewolf.It stood 2 ft from us.We ran as fast as we could.My friend fell behind and got the ankle part of her jeans got ripped.Asuming it was satisfied,the were wolf dashed back towards the woods….after that horrifying experience we never went back again.

  15. Werewolves DO exsist. They probabaly don’t come out that often cause how would you like it if you knew that if you show yourself to someone you’d probabaly end up in a government lab, being experimented on? I feel bad for them. All they probably want is to be normal

  16. u know it wouldnt be so bad being a supernatural beast u would be stronger an faster , u would heal quicker an u would be desease free u would never get sick an u caould hear better see better . not to mention u would have to stay clear of fire an silver but look on the bright side u would be 1 tough person

  17. u would have to hang a person saver their skin as a charm to control ur transformation . so u can change at an given point . sounds bad but hell id give it a shot an i wouldnt mind being the biggest badest dog out there.

  18. yeah werewolves are totally real I wish I’ve seen one or was one SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH

  19. I would not say that I say a werewolf, but I sure had a strange experience. This one time during my internship at the Union Office (Belgium)I had to help a woman and she was accompanied by a very strange man. He was not so good looking and a bit old, just long hair, strong eyebrows, small and tall. But his eyes were different, golden brown eyes like a wolf. And I was very attracted to those eyes, I just had to stare at him. And teh strange thing is, every time I stared at him, he knew I did and he stared back… It felt really weird, but I guess it could have been just a guy with strange eyes who was interested in me. Who would say?

  20. if we do exist we won’t go around blabbing about it that get’s us killed and sent too the lonny bin the best i can tell you too do is just find a pack too assimilate into their you can be around other’s of your kind if not playing the lone wolf for long will get you killed or seriously injured before long your doomed either way bye see ya hoped that helped bye

  21. scaryiest moment of my life so it was dark out side the moon was well if were in michigan on this day the moon would be orange so i went to the woods to get a camera that i left on a log i was alone [of course] and i see a huge biggest thing i havent seen anything like that before its howl was like five lions roaring at once it dident see me thank god it was about the size of a bear standing up it was black it standed on two legs huge body

    1. Orange? I live in Michigan and was just outside and the moon isn’t orange at the moment. It was a few weeks ago, just a normal Harvest moon due to the atmosphere and it being Fall.

  22. i know this sounds weird but i would like to be a vampire or beats growing old and dying

  23. do not forget about shapeshifters they do exist thats how alot of stuff gets mixed up.everything is real

  24. I hope werewolves are real i mean they’re real cool and all i’ve looked and all but so far including this 2 things were wolves are real not much hope yet

      1. The man who lived on our Reservation was a loner he acted strange every now and then cattle sheep and other wild life would found torn apart but not by a animal that was familiar to the hunters in the area. Why I think he was a were wolf was because I saw him change into one with my own eyes his skin just ripped and fell away his face turn into a things face with a longish snout and a wolfish head I don’t know if it was a were wolf like in the old stories but this thing was no longer a human being it was a monster

  25. i for one believe in werewolvs and beta you shouldnt be like that you should be proud of who you are your a werewolf thats amasing God has really blessed you.

  26. I wish some proof of something would appear to me. The world can be such a large place, a person can apparently get lost in it without running into (so far) anything out of the ordinary. I am completely open minded, and believe anything is possible. So come and get me!

  27. Hey if wewwolfs really exist…i want to be one of them. they are the facinating creatures. I would live that lifestyle no matter what.

  28. proof people!!! i want to believe but it is a little hard to without seeing. just as long is i dont get bitten, show me proof they exist!!! just me, me only, and screw the government!!!

  29. Has anyone ever met a werewolf and lived to tell about it?
    If so, who would believe them. Trust me, its not worth telling poeple what you saw, or thought you saw. Becuase in the end, you will be branded the crazy person. And a tittle like that sticks with you for life.

  30. hey weerewolves are real and they do not diserev to die they are mamals like us humans

  31. ya are wearwolfs real or not ya i blive thay are and thay have demons or are lisioning to the devil

  32. honestly, all of you guys who “want” to be a werewolf, did you ever stop to think, that if they do exist (probably do, you can’t get thousands of myths about one creature without some truth), did you morons ever think about how it would feel to kill a person? I doubt half of the people who want to be werewolves have even killed an animal. So if you are willing to kill people and animals, then by all means keep wanting to be one. But if you can’t bring yourself to stomach that thought, then let this “dream” go.

  33. some forms of viruses can take over your body and kill you in a matter of days, changing the way your body looks. who is to say that a new unknown strain can’t change you for a short amount of time, rearranging your appearance, and then, become dormant until the next time it decides to ravage your body. open minds people. be wary.

  34. what the heck? realy i am havinga hard time believeing this stuff anyways i meen come on werewolfs realy its not like one of you are a werewolf werewolfs are a myth i think……………….. i need real proof i search online but everything looks fake! i dont know what to do! i wish i had a link to some real footage and NOT A GUY IN A SOOT! realy a guy in a soot is obious even if your a master in descise this is alot of stuff to look over! come on werewolfs P.S: I need feedback! please send me a link to real werewolf footage pleaseeeeeeee! THANKS!

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