Five Real Werewolf Sightings!

Are werewolves real? Are they myth? Well, if you don’t believe that werewolves actually do roam the Earth with us, check out these real werewolf sightings from actual people who think that they have seen a wolf of the scariest kind.

Mrs. Delburt Gregg of Greggton, Texas was awoken in the middle of the night by what she believed to be a werewolf. For some reason, the fact that it’s a story of “Mrs. Gregg” that happens in Greggton, it just sounds a little too fishy to me. [Hell Horror]

Check out this story of one of the first werewolf sightings. [Prairie Ghosts]

This is the story of Cannock Chase, one of the most famous places in England for werewolf sightings. And here are several accounts of what’s been known to happen there, and what eyewitnesses have seen. [I Love Werewolves]

This story is told by a girl who was camping with her friend and her parents, and she and her friend both believe that they could have seen a werewolf. I feel badly for her that she says no one believes her. But that comment that asks her if she’s sure she wasn’t dreaming is just tooooo funny! [Unexplained Mysteries]

One of the oldest legends in Virginia is that of the Werewolf of Henrico County. Read about it here! [I Love Werewolves]


    1. I personly have seen one I was hunting and I saw it leaning on a tree. Now I know it seems unreal but I know what I saw. I do not believe that people turn into wearwolves. However I do believe in a super breed of wolves. I live in West Virginia, and the wolf I saw is called “The Greenbriar Grass Man” it is called this because it builds it’s shelter out of grass and twigs. And yes I did see the shelter.

  1. I am a paranormal believer and have studied werewolves, vampires, bigfoot, and all the others for a long time, so I think some of these are possibly real but most are fake.

      1. I don’t think your a wereolf because if u were, then you would hide it from others so they won’t kill u…

      2. lol its ok most people dont belive me :( haha im related to som1 famas LOL witch is 100% true i mean som1 has to be related to me and plss dont eat me now LOL XD!

  2. I want PROOVE that werewolves exist! Real pics and stories for free. Im just a kid and can”t afford that.

  3. I belive very strong in Lycans! I belive i am part of them i feel it in my blood!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you dont belive you should start they will come. Im forty two and belive

  4. if this is true looks lke ill be hitting the road then oh yeah werewolf hunting

  5. i believe all these stuffs but it’s not possible to make others believe. i need to know some more stuff about this creature

  6. I would love to go werewolf hunting. See get real pictures for all the non-believers.

    1. i live in North carolina 2 and trust me there are some pretty weird stuff,people, and pretty big wolves here in NC

      1. That is funnny and cool, but i believe that werewolves are exactly 7-8 feet tall.
        That is a fact, young man.

        1. omg id wet myself dude i have respect 4 u now id also if it tried to eat me id slap it imagine it justin biber then… hed be dead probalbly XD

  7. My name is Jax I’m 22 years old. I have 2008 Yamaha R6(a motorcycle). I was ridin w/ some friends one night. We like 2 ride on a full moon cause the moon lights everything up n it’s beautiful up on the mountain. I got a lil bit ahead of everyone when it happened. There was a bear lookin creature in the road eatin a deer that was hit by a car. I didn’t have anywhere 2 go so I laid the bike down the bike n me slid in2 the creature n knocked it down. I had a full leather suit on so I was fine I got up n the creature did also. I am 6’2 n it was much taller than me. The light shinnin off my bikes headlights reflectin off it’s eyes showin that it’s eyes where bout 6 to 8 in. apart n it’s head would not fit n a 5 gallon bucket. My buddies came ridin up n saw me n the creature they all started revin up there motors n the creature ran off. I live in North Carolina everyone says that it was a black bear cause that is the only bears we have around here but I know a black bear does not get that big. I just agree w/ them so I don’t sound crazy but I know wat I saw!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Look up Linda S. Godfrey and _Hunting The American Werewolf_. She has been collecting true encounter tales of werewolves or man-wolves (dog-men)ever since being assigned to the Bray Road case by her newspaper editor in Wisconsin.
    Great stuff.

  9. Well I believe because when I was 16 (now 38) I was chased by one! Call it fake if you want but I know it was REAL!

  10. The old German and Scottish stories that were told to me as a child I did not believe but as I got older now I’m a strong believer. The woods behind my grandfathers house holds many secretes. Yes, there are non believers out there. Let them be blinded by there mined as a way to protect there sanity. But to the ones that believe we know what it is that we witnessed.

  11. I have seen real pics of a dead werewolf in a pond that had bullet holes in it and so I do believe in some of the coments but not all.

  12. well i have heard that warewolves come from a rabies virus passed on from wolf to human, when that happens then as a secondary effect may occur making people change into warewolves and i have seen one in my life, it ran so fast and jumped right over fences, I would say about seven meters.

  13. I have believed of this type of stuff all my life. Not just werewolves (Not hugly into until now) but witches, vampires, faireys, ect ect. Idk why, it is just like second nature to believe in somthing so mysterious and somtimes thought as “unlikely” (ugh). But now i have a new very stong fasination with werewolves, i have a strong feeling that a boy ik is a werewolf and ik it seems crazy but idk where else to turn. Not even my closest friend nor my closest cusin finds my suspicion to be…well…on target. They both think im high or somthing but im not! Idk maybe i am high (if i can get high off air) but idk where else to turn i am scanning every website for somthing to lead me on the right track and at least prove to myself that i was right about the dude.

  14. If any one could recommend a site with lots of werewolf encounter stories that would be awesome i want to go try to discover one myself but i’m too young but once i’m 18 (or get the money) i’m totally going to go on a round the world trip to discover werewolves or any other divine creatures. thanks for the help!

  15. i hate it when people say somethings arent real but to me Werewolves are… you’ll someday see it..

  16. i love were wolfs they are so cool.they are so so awsome. they look so hiper.My name is collin and I wish Iwas a werewolf.I want to be a black and gray werewolf.the road is are so dark and quite i can hear werewolf’s in the wood’s.

    1. i believe there are werewovels and you might just be something thats nohuman never know but i can’t be sure your telling the truth i always believed that there are other beings around us like vampires and werewovels ect, thats real….. ;)

  17. ok heres the thing yeah werewolves r real and i honestly dont care if people dont believe its on them cuz when the time comes theyll see anyways i believe people have encountered werewolves so if all you out there who say you know what you saw an that no one believes u wel now you have a believer. i believe you.

    heres one story: i was with my cousins we were up the mountain and it was night. we went near this pond or lake and we saw this HUGE BLACK thing. it wasnt a bear or anything it was way bigger. it was laying down like it was hurt or somthin and it got up it looked like it was havin a hard time but i dont know anythin else cuz my cuzinz pulled me back and we ran

    also my friends claim to be werewolves and one a vampire i dont know if they are but they r extremely strong. they run fast. but the weird thing is im strong too and its hard for me to get hurt and i also run fast.

    one time i had a dream i was walking in the night and all of a sudden my body was in pain and i was changing into a wolf. my dad says he and his brothers had dreams that they were running on two feet but they were really slow and then they got on all fours and they ran like the wind.
    my dad has a story too bt its not about werewolves ita bout vampires. k well my dad was in the marines and he was in korea and while walking he seen a man drinking the blood of a dog and my dad was then determined to kill the man but once the man took sight of my dad the man ran into the crowd my dad followed but the man was too fast anyways the point is my life isnt normal im not saying that im a werewolf or anythin. and my family definitly isnt normal either. i do hav a question tho. like everyday it feels like someone is watching me and like one night when i was walking home from my friends ther wer footsteps right behind me but i lookd back and nothing was there so i turned around and took off runnin but that didnt help cuz i felt someone runnin behind me and tryin to grab me but i ran faster and quickly opened my door so i dont know what to think like if the thing following me is bad or good. sometimes i feels like its two people one evil one good. okay well ill stop talk..typing now

  18. oh and my dad was determined to kill the man cuz he felt something wrong about him like something different

  19. Since I wrote the ‘Werewolf of Henrico” in a chapter on Werewolves of Virginia in Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales, I never ran into it. By the descriptions of the two times it was sounded lik the werewolf in Harry Potter films–which looked more like a greyhound than a werewolf.
    Check out my book–there is an older legend set in Big Stone Gap, of a werewolf–in 18th century. But that is all the werewolf tales I found in Virginia.

    I am a big werewolf fan, but doubt seriously that the Werewolf of Henrico exists–except maybe as a couple of loose dogs seen at the time.

  20. I’m a werewolf but no one believes me!who believes
    Me please REPLAY back thank you!oooooooooooWwwwwowwowwoowowowowOooooowwwowwwwwwwoooooow owwwwoooooww wwwoooo………………………………………………………………………………………

  21. Idont know if I am a were wolf or not bacause i behave act and smell like a dog but anyway i know were wolves are real bacause once i saw a weird black bear but it was fighting a bat then the bat went into a tree and then i saw the bear thing attack a human that jumped out of a tree and i think it was a were wolf v.s. a vampire and then i saw them both come after me for some reason and so i ran as fast as i could and triped then i thought i was going to die when the were wolf was about to bite me but the ampire bit it and they both ran away but first the vampire talked to me for some reason and said to lick my cut and then he left the cut was from the wolf and no one beleives me i need someone to beleive me please!

  22. Hey i havent seen any sightings but i’ve heard rumors bout wearwolves. There was a story not long ago tht back up in the woods up by my place a womans face was all mauled up and an i was hanging from her chin. The cops said tht someone raped the girl but it looked more like she was mauled too peices by something but there are other stories like this one about wymans woods this is just a freaky one though..

  23. Err they do exist, ive seen them, to atract them, put glitter in your back garden, it does make them brake into your house, but its awesome.

  24. i have i am one oh and the pic up top werewolfs do not look like that they look more like a larg fury wolf walking on two feet

  25. i think peoplee just dount under stand us werewolfs we are peace full creaters exseped the bobed tailed kind they are killers

  26. my god you people have no idea what your even talking about..
    there are people who have inherited the dna of a wolf(kinda) through bite.. u dont transform or anything you just get really buff and fast(twilight sucks for all of those thinking im refrencing the movie. and i am able to tell people and jokearound about it. also if you are bitten then you also get some pretty coll perks.. yopu get good smell sight and reflexes. for all of those who are really “werewolf” then you have issues but for those wiith symptoms like me then you know its real .
    i was bitten by a large black dog but i doubt that had anything to do with it because my doctor was able to trace lycanthropic activity from my grandfather who i inherited it from. so ……

    1. if i was a werewolf that would be awsome unless i have to get bitten then no way but i did get bit by a dog and now i can smell very good its awsome O_O i smell donuts…. well i also can smell to u if i have dna and im not lying cuze ill tell u how old i am 10 also justin biber sucks lol please belive me and tey r real ive studied them since i was….3 i could type well and read write also ive saw 1 i was driving home from school with my dad and i saw somthing in the woods i told my dad stop get the b b gun it looked at me it was on 2 legs gleaming eyes my heart was pumping so hard i could hear it and….. i wet myself i told my dad then it swatted it killed a deer i said well come back for that later right… my dad said nothing he was in shock i always told him werewolfs were real now i can brag about it XD well it was gleaming at me i thought for a second then relized 1st of all i wanted to date the were wolf for smoe reson 2nd he wanted 2 eat me or makeout with me….. yeah then i heard a crackle then it started to run at me it stopped in frount of me i wet myself again my dad he was backing away slowly he grabbed m arm i signeld him to stop pulling me away. he stood in shock i saw him wet himself i chuckled a little. the wolf got close it licked me it was biger then me but almost as tall and i 5 ft 2 then 5 ft then he looked at me gleaming he scrached my hand i pooped my pants and screamed it was kinnda deep i looked at the werewolf he was licking the blood i imagined a cute boy kissing it then i hugged it it pokked me idk y i did that but my dad was in th car i told the werewolf ur cute i was shocked how it acted my dad said to keep it a secerate forever… now im a good smeller and i can hear well its cool so dont say i didnt warn u…

  27. Um guys I do want to believe all of you claiming to be werewolves but I cant unless you have proof…
    Dont get me wrong! I want to believe you cuz…I wanna be one…
    ANYWAYS! If there is anyone out there that lives in colorado…and is a werewolf…and can prove it, I wanna meet you and be friends! Please! I want to believe and be one! :D

  28. well thats your life you think what you want to think but in no in my hart and sole they are live things and they are real

  29. no dout about that so you think about things lisen carfully out side and look werewolfs up and just see how many people are were wolfs and who believe in them

  30. ok after this i will stop typing ok i have a Qeastion shoud i show my friend this web sit i mean shes herd me go on and on about me a were wolf and there real and stuff and i asked her if she believes she said yes but she said it in a weard voise and i dount want this were wolf stuff to end our friendship so should i show her i want her to believe deaply so i dount want to push it so give me som advise

    1. Fang, please stop spamming the site and pretending to be other people. It’s getting real old real fast. If you continue to lie and leave pointless comments I’ll be forced to block you. You are more than welcome to discuss werewolves, that’s the point of the website, but keep it on topic.

      1. Fang just loves wolves and want to have conversations because i am on the phone with her now and she told me

  31. Ok so werewolves are very real. Not in the sense of us just saying it is so, but it is. I have had several encounters, sort of, all at the same place. If i “did” have evidence, im not sure i would like to share it with just anyone. Its easy for people to just encounter them and say they saw them, because the majority of people would think them crazy, which in turn would keep us safe. Now, It would be best to keep it “as is” so that they could live their lives. Yes, it would be terrible to just tell everyone you are one, because if you make a slip up and show the wrong person, it will be certain death, (R.I.P. Claudio) *frowny face*, trust me… Now the physics of transformation… hmmm… not impossible, but kind of complicated if you over think it…. hahaha… If you try to over think it or assume, you will be wrong. most definitely. i mean have you wondered how even the most idiotic of werewolves can cover their tracks, especially for all these years? LOL guess you’ll never know…

    Remember this stuff im saying is hypothetical k? lol hahaha =^-^=

  32. I believe it’s possible. Worms can be male or female, some species canchange gender, and flounder eyes move to the other side of their head. If they can change their appearance why can’t we? We need a way to communicate with the brain…to tell it whatto do… I know.. Crazy right? However we may not be able to transform to a wolf…yet… Iove wolves, and try to find proof of werewolves everyday. I’m only eleven, so hey if you think I’m insane…let a kid dream!

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