Five Hunky He-Wolves

In a previous post I introduced to you, dear readers, 5 sexy she-wolves. Well, all is fair in love and werewolves so I thought this time I would bring you 5 hunky he-wolves to enjoy.

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oz first joined the cast of Buffy during season 2 when he became Willow’s first… and only boyfriend. When he witnessed Buffy slaying a vampire during her birthday party he seemed rather unfazed by the revelation that vampires existed and reacted in true Oz fashion by declaring “This explains a lot.” He became a full fledged Scooby by season 3 when he discovered he had been turned into a werewolf after being bitten on the finger by his little cousin Jordy. Oz remained part of the Scoobies until season 4 when after killing another werewolf to protect Willow he felt he would only continue to endanger her if he stayed. He left in hopes of finding a way to either cure or control his werewolf nature. He returned again eight months later having found a Tibetan monk who had taught him to control his werewolf transformations so that the full moon no longer had any effect on him. Unfortunately even though Oz no longer transformed during the full moon he now transformed whenever he felt pain or anger. He was captured by The Initiative to be studied but was later freed by Buffy’s then boyfriend Riley Finn. Believing that everything was going to be the way it was before he left, Oz was infuriated when he learned that Willow had started dating again. Willow had begun seeing Tara, a fellow Sunnydale U student after realizing that she was a lesbian. Knowing that the only thing that made him feel the pain that caused him to transform into a werewolf was being near Willow without being able to be with her, Oz left Sunnydale, and Willow, for good. Oz is played by Seth Green.

Lucian from the Underworld franchise. Lucian was born a second generation werewolf meaning that he was born human and could transform between lycan and human forms at will. Before Lucian all lycans were born and lived in wolf form, only transforming into human form upon death. The vampire lord Viktor had intended to slay the child but later came to believe that having such a creature under his control could be potentially useful. Lucian grew to become the leader of the lycans and ruled them under Viktor’s command. Lucian had fallen in love with Viktor’s daughter Sonja and the two of them had a romance that later resulted in Sonja becoming pregnant. When Viktor learned of the affair and subsequent pregnancy he imprisoned the two and had his daughter burned alive by the sun while forcing Lucian to watch. Lucian managed to escape that night and led a revolt against the vampires. He managed to unite the different generations of lycans against their common enemy and almost succeeded in killing Viktor. For six hundred years it was believed that Lucian was dead when in fact he had gone into hiding biding his time, waiting for his ultimate revenge. In the present time Lucian resurfaced with a plan to create a lycan/vampire hybrid, uniting the two clans the way his unborn child would have if Sonja had not been murdered. Lucian is played by Alexander Carroll as a teen and later by Michael Sheen.

George Sands from Being Human. George is you’re typical, unassuming, kindhearted nice guy… except for the fact that he also happens to be a werewolf. George lives in a flat with his friends Mitchell, who is a vampire and Annie, who is a ghost. George and Mitchell work as porters at a local hospital where George meets and eventually starts dating his girlfriend Nina, the head nurse. George was attacked by a werewolf during a full moon while on vacation in the Scottish highlands. The tourist he was walking with had been killed immediately but George managed to survive with only a scratch after the werewolf had been chased off. Deciding that he did not want to put those he loved in danger, George left his parents and fiancee behind to start a new life in Bristol. George was forced to take a series of menial jobs and move from place to place in order to keep his secret before meeting Mitchell who helps him to deal with his lycanthropy. When George and Mitchell move into a house haunted by Annie the two of them help her to remember and cope with the fact that she had been murdered by her fiancee. George also comes to Mitchell’s aid by locking himself inside a basement with Mitchell’s rival Herrick during a full moon and decapitating him after transforming. Herrick had planned to fight Mitchell but George knew that Mitchell would be at a disadvantage since he was much weaker than Herrick due to the fact that he was refusing to drink human blood. George had also been befriended by a fellow werewolf named Tully who had taught George some ‘tricks of the trade’ for being a werewolf such as how to prepare a werewolf kit to keep on hand for cleaning up in the morning after a transformation. Tully and George form a close friendship until Tully reveals that he is in fact the werewolf that had attacked and tried to kill George on the highlands. George is played by Russell Tovey.

Lawrence Talbot from The Wolf Man. After receiving news that his brother had gone missing, Lawrence returns home to face his father, a man he hadn’t seen since being sent to live in an asylum after witnessing the death of his mother. After being released from the asylum Lawrence had joined a successful Shakespeare troop in which he himself had become quite famous. His father greets him with news about his brother’s body being found and Lawrence decides to stay at Talbot Hall to help in the search for his brother’s killer. While there Lawrence meets and becomes enamored of his brother’s fiancee Gwen. While confronting the gypsies that are camped outside of town in hopes that they may know something about his brother’s death the gypsy camp is attacked by the townsfolk and in the chaos Lawrence is attacked by the same creature that killed his brother. Even though Lawrence survives his troubles are not over since he himself is now a werewolf. After confronting his father Lawrence learns that John is the monster who killed his brother. He also realizes that his father was also responsible for the death his mother and that his father had put him in the asylum in order to convince young Lawrence that what he had actually witnessed was his mother’s suicide. Lawrence is captured by authorities after his first transformation and returned to the asylum after being declared a lunatic. There he is tortured until the next full moon in which he turns into the wolf man and escapes. He later returns to Talbot Hall to confront his father in a furry battle to the death. Lawrence Talbot is played by Benicio del Toro in a role originally played by Lon Chaney Jr.

Jimmy Myers from Cursed. When Jimmy and his sister Ellie accidentally hit an animal on the highway causing them to crash into another car, the two are attacked by the creature while trying to save the other driver. After the accident Jimmy is sure that the creature they hit was a giant wolf but no one, not even his sister, believes him. Everyone else suspects that it might have been a mountain lion but Jimmy knows what he saw and it wasn’t no mountain lion. Jimmy notices strange things happening to him that he can’t explain, such as weird cravings for raw meat. When he wakes up one morning naked in the bushes he does what any 21st century teen does in such a situation… he hits the internet. Jimmy comes to the conclusion that he and Ellie had been attacked by a werewolf and because they survived they too would become werewolves as well. Ellie doesn’t buy it but it’s not long before she realizes that Jimmy may just be onto something after all. Turning into a werewolf isn’t all bad though. Jimmy realizes that he has grown stronger and more athletic, so much so that he even plucks up the courage to take on and beat Bo, the schools number one bully along with the rest of the wrestling team. Jimmy also finds that his new werewolf pheromones have made him highly desirable, so much so that Bo comes out of the closet to reveal his love for him. Jimmy proves that nice guys don’t always finish last when he not only gets the girl but a new gay BFF as well. Jimmy is played by Jesse Eisenberg.

Now before I get a slew of “But where’s Jaccccoooooobbbbbb Blaaaaacccckkkkk?!?” I have decided not to include everyone’s boyfriend because we all already know that he is the hunkiest thing on four legs right now. Have no fear though, if you’re looking to get your Jacob fix he, and his Quileute pack can be found right over here.



  1. George!! :D
    I love the bit about the pigeon in season 1 episode 1:
    Owen – “What was it?”
    George -0 “Oh – it was a pigeon”
    O – “A pigeon?”
    G – “I must have left a window open”
    O – “Have you got rid of it?”
    G – “I killed it”
    Mitchell splutters on his beer – “You…you killed it?”
    George nods – “With a shoe”

    Cracks me up every time x

  2. Only one of them actually looks like he can be a werewolf. I wouldn’t argue with any of the she-wolves u picked though…

    1. =o Which do you think? I thought Lucian and Lawrence Both look like they could be Werewolfs =]


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