First Look at Teen Wolf Season 2

At long last MTV has finally shared a sneak peek of the second season of Teen Wolf – one teeny tiny promo picture. Yeah, that’s all we’re getting for now, but hey, it’s better than nothing I suppose. The picture, as seen on the right, is of the two sexy stars of the show – Tyler Posey as werewolf Scott and Crystal Reed as Allison. From the looks of this single picture, the second season of Teen Wolf may be getting hotter.

The hit show is planned to premiere in early June, MTV’s highly addictive series looks to have even more bite this time around, especially now that Scott McCall has embraced his inner werewolf. “He’s a lot more confident,” Tyler Posey says of his badass character “Last year he was dealing with his unwanted powers, but now that it seems like there is no cure, he’s trying to deal with it more maturely, almost like a superhero…he feels like he’s responsible because he has these powers.”

According to the promo picture it looks like Scott’s newfound confidence is not lost on Crystal Reed’s Allison, despite the fact that she is the daughter of werewolf hunters. “She’s learning the ropes not just her father but her grandfather, Gerard,” said Reed. “He is very militant about the way he teaches. But she still wants to be a good girlfriend…she wants to protect Scott and kill everyone else. That is going to be a major, major conflict.” It most certainty is.

As previously reported, this upcoming season will be a whole 24 episodes long instead of 12 episodes like Season 1. That means we’re probably going to be seeing a lot of drama from a whole lot of people.

Are you excited for Season 2 of Teen Wolf?

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