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First Kickass Teen Wolf Season 2 Trailer Released!

At long last we finally have a real trailer for Season 2 of Teen Wolf, and as the title of this post says, it kicks ass! The trailer is like 10 kinds of awesome and reveals a LOT of what’s coming to the show. On top of a wolftastic trailer, MTV has also released the Season 2 cast photos! See the trailer and the photos below!

First up is the trailer:

So much awesome! I wasn’t too excited about the second season until I saw this trailer. There is so much going down in Season 2 and I can’t wait. From the looks of the trailer the show is going to be edgier, darker and even bloodier than before.

Here’s what the trailer reveals so far:

  • Allison is going to have a lot of issues with her love for Scott the werewolf and her werewolf hunting family. Her dad even tries to kill the young wolf.
  • Derek is going around turning damn near everyone into a werewolf, including Jackson.
  • There’s some new kind of monstrous shapeshifter in town that is going on a murderous rampage, and the new monster knows Stiles.
  • The werewolf hunters have declared war and they’re no longer playing nice.

Lots of gory and dramatic goodies coming our way! I am definitely excited and I hope the second season is as good as it looks so far.

No for the brand new Season 2 cast photos:

I really like that cast photo. It has a bit of a message to it. It looks like Stiles still wants to save Scott, but Scott is pulling away. The other photos are great as well.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Are you excited for the second season? What do you think about the pictures?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • May 11, 2012

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