First Episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ Finally Airs

I just sat down and watched the very first episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, which premiered this past Sunday, and well, it wasn’t bad. Shocking I know! Considering that MTV is behind it I really expected the show to be absolutely terrible, but it wasn’t.

Here’s a look at the synopsis for the first episode:

“When Scott McCall is convinced by his best friend, Stiles, to join a search in the woods for a missing body, something comes out of the darkness to take a bite out of his side. As strange abilities begin to take affect the next day, Scott meets the beautiful new girl in town, Allison, whose family secrets further complicate his life.”

The first episode was surprisingly fast-paced with just enough action to keep you entertained. Right off the bat Scott gets bitten by a werewolf and the transformation begins. It starts off with him first discovering his newfound powers, such as enhanced hearing, amazing eyesight, super-fast healing, a special bond with other canines and so on. Overall, he gets a lot of kickass powers. But of course, with those comes the negatives, like extreme aggression and bloodlust during the full moon. The full moon is when the fun stops and the troubles begin.

I won’t ruin the whole episode for you, but overall I really enjoyed it and will continue to watch the show for as long as it’s good, and I’ve got to say, it was pretty good. It had an unoriginal, but decent, storyline, and it managed to keep me entertained for 40-minutes. So points to Teen Wolf. But I have to admit that it wasn’t the story or the werewolf action that I loved the most. In fact, my favorite thing about the show was the music, odd but true. It added to the tone of the show in my opinion, making it a little darker and more serious. The good thing about me loving the music is that MTV actually lists the songs from each episode on their website, you can see the songs from episode one here.

Now I should warn you, while I enjoyed the first episode of Teen Wolf, it definitely had its issues. There was some seriously awful over-acting from a few of the cast members, and that got really old really fast. Other than the bad acting, I didn’t really care for some of the characters on the show, they were WAY to cliché and cheesy. It was clear that MTV choose to stick with the stereotypical high school scene full of dumb preps, jackass jocks and all of that other ridiculous crap. I would have liked to see more realistic characters, I hate these totally fake cookie cutter ones. But other than those two big annoyances, I didn’t have too many other problems with the show.

If you missed the first episode of Teen Wolf worry not for you can find the full episode over on MTV’s website. After you’ve had yourself a look let me know what you think of the new werewolf show, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I agree with you. I will watch the show because I love werewolf things. :D But it did have some undesirable things about it and I hope that won’t make me stop liking it. And I also liked the music and action.

  2. Watched about twenty minutes on FB and liked it. I don’t hate it, but it really is cliche.

  3. I got to see the first two episodes ’cause Much music (in canada) played them on monday but gave the first two episodes! Too much half naked guy though and while they imply he may change more, he really just gets kind of fuzzy faced and claws which was a bit of a let down. i will probably keep an eye on it but it is definitely not geared to me as an audience which I kinda already knew. And while it was fine over all, the new girl and her name (Argent is Silver in french)and what her father does… Pretty cliche but it has moments so I did not hate it. The hero;s job is kind of strange though as he is a bit young to be handling such injuries alone but fits if you want further obvious ploys like they did. Sorry Ill shut up now and let you all make your own decisions.

  4. Oh, it had too many handsome guys for me to not like it. :P
    Seriously now, it wasn’t the best tv show I’ve ever seen but, it was pretty good and, for once, it concentrated on werewolves, not vampires.
    Some characters, and a bit of the storyline too, were cliche but we have too see how the story goes and maybe it will evolve.

  5. I enjoyed it. I don’t love it. I do think that *Derek* is totally hot!! Also, I like the fact that they didn’t go crazy with the werewolf makeup.

  6. I finally got some time to watch it. Not bad… I must be getting older as they all look too baby faced and I’m kindof… meh.

    It seems decent enough for a first episode and building up. I like showing he’s got that fast healing, heightened senses and could exert dominance over the dog.

    I’ll keep watching it.

  7. I liked the show first werewolf show i have seen in a while even though it is a cliche it is good to see a werewolf series hope there will be more werewolf series but not as cliche

  8. I didn’t go into it having high expectations when I finally caught the first episode. I enjoyed the show and look forward to watching it again! I didn’t really even notice the cliches, but rather just buckled in and went for the ride. It had moments that reminded me of Vampire Diaries and I enjoy that one too. The best part, it’s great to have another werewolf show!

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