Fireside Chats: Shatner and the Werewolves and Vampires

Lots of Shat this week, as over on our sister site I was reporting on the way the French Horror masterpiece EYES WITHOUT A FACE inspired the Michael Myers HALLOWEEN mask, which was just a repurposed Captain Kirk (the William Shatner version) mask painted white. But really, can you ever have too much of the Shat? I think not.

I missed the episode of his show on the History Channel, THE UNXPLAINED, that was dedicated to vampires and werewolves the first time it aired. I was really disappointed, but they finally replayed it this past weekend. Was it worth the wait? It was, although it was about what I expected. With just an hour—less than that, allowing for commercials—they couldn’t provide more than a cursory covering of the material, and given that they were dividing the time between vampires and werewolves, they did the best they could. There wasn’t much mentioned that I didn’t already know, and a sizable chunk of the werewolves portion of the program was devoted to Skinwalker Ranch (which I’m sure had nothing to do with the fact that the show THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH also airs on the History Channel). The part about the large wolf appearing out of a sphere of glowing energy was new to me, though. I wish they could have touched upon the werewolves of history like Peter Stubbe and Gilles Garnier. They need to do another episode, or better yet, two, one devoted exclusively to vampires and one to werewolves. Get on that, Shat!

By The Evil Cheezman

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