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Fireside Chats: People on Twitter Need to Shut It

I read that “people on Twitter” have been pressuring Disney to release THE NEW MUTANTS to Disney+. Those people need to put a sock in it. If it goes to Disney+ it’ll be even longer before I get to see it, if I ever do. I can’t livestream and who knows how long it would take them to release the movie on DVD if it goes to livestream. There’s a chance it wouldn’t at all, and probably not a long time if it did. And there’s no guarantee I’d be able to find a bootleg copy on eBay. No, I need for THE NEW MUTANTS to open in theaters, preferably sometime this fall, which would fit well with its Horror movie vibe. And then I need for it to be released on DVD in the standard period of time. Just like it works with most movies.

I swear, “People on Twitter” is going to become another one of those phrases, like “soccer moms” or “SJWs,” where when you hear it you automatically know what it means and automatically roll your eyes. It will serve to describe a certain type person, a type we—with “we” being everybody who *isn’t* of that type—really can’t stand and don’t like to be around. Not people on Twitter. But “People on Twitter.” Those quotation marks make all the difference.

A reminder that THE NEW MUTANTS has a mutant werewolf in it, so you should be looking forward to seeing it, too. In a theater. As it should be.

The Evil Cheezman • April 28, 2020

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