Fireside Chats: PENNY DREADFUL

This linked article praises PENNY DREADFUL. As it should. PENNY DREADFUL was a great series, totally superb, right up until the lackluster, rushed, hack-job of a finale, when series creator John Logan decided to pull the plug without bothering to tie up any of the various dangling plot threads. He then insulted the intelligence of every-damn-body by lying about it, claiming that it had always been his plan to end it that way and that the cast and crew knew about it. They didn’t, and he hadn’t. We’ll never know the real reason why he decided to do what he did, unless he chooses to admit to it, which is doubtful. But at this point nobody should believe what he said. It’s been proven that he lied several times over. The linked article is but another piece of evidence.

Here’s what the linked article says: “…the series was cancelled before its fourth and final season…and had to wrap up the entirety of its plot in a two-hour finale that does its best with the amount of material it needs to cover but ends up being disappointingly fast-paced and giving ignominious short shrift to its single best character.” There you have it. There was supposed to be a fourth season. The writer is mistaken, though, in saying that the series was cancelled. Rather John Logan chose to end it. Can I prove that? Well, he stated that it was his choice, and the execs at Showtime have stated repeatedly that it was Logan’s call, and that they had no idea beforehand that he was going to do it. When I contacted Showtime they told me the same thing. So if Logan was lying to protect Showtime for some reason—he was still lying, wasn’t he?

By The Evil Cheezman

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