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Fireside Chats: Free Fangoria

The fine folks at FANGORIA want to help out during this difficult time, when we’re all stuck at home without much to do, except watch TV and…READ! You can get a free two-month digital subscription to Fango by clicking here. It’s a nice move, and it’s good business, too. Give people a taste for free so they’ll want to buy more. That’s how drug dealers do it, right? You get access to scans of the first 14 issues of FANGORIA volume one, plus you can read all you want of their current articles. For me personally, I think the scans are even more of a draw. I grew up reading FANGORIA. It was a big part of my childhood. Perusing those scans will be a delightful trip down memory lane for me.

Those first issues of FANGORIA, which went into publication in 1979, were a little before my time. I was still a FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND devotee at that point. (I wasn’t old enough to know how to read, but I still begged and screamed for copies of FAMOUS MONSTERS at the newsstand.) I didn’t get into Fango until I was a little older. Still too young to see most of the movies Fango covered (until the VCR came along—heh heh heh…) but not too young to read about them!

The Evil Cheezman • March 31, 2020

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