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Fireside Chats: Days of the Animals

There is one, and only one, as far as I can see, good thing to come out of this forced coronavirus quarantine. Pollution has decreased. It would be wonderful if people could learn from this whole experience and, once it finally ends, start to treat the natural world a little better, to keep the pollution down. But that may be me being naïve.

If it’s like we’re living in a movie, most people would think first of some film like OUTBREAK. The more imaginative among us would probably compare what we’re going through now to a zombie flick, only without the actual zombies. But we’re also seeing reflections of the Nature-rebels/animals-run-amok subgenre of films.

It’s a simple equation. With fewer humans on the streets—and these days there’s a lot fewer of us on the streets—wild animals are venturing out to do some exploring. And we’re not just talking about little animals like the rats currently overrunning New Orleans streets, either. We’re talking large predators. Thanks to the pandemic, pollution is down. And too many people is a form of pollution; make no mistake.

There’s a downside, though. No humans around to interfere with animals means no humans around to curtail invasive species, either. And if those invasive species are bigger, stronger, and meaner than the locals, Darwinism will be on *their* side.

The Evil Cheezman • April 3, 2020

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