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Fireside Chats: Creepy Crawly Show-and-Tell

This quarantine has got us all wrestling with boredom. (For most of us, we’re really lucky that that’s the worst we have to worry about.) Museum curators are no exception. Maybe they’re more bored than most, as they’re used to having people visit them at work every single day. Like drug dealers and prostitutes in that regard, I figure. Anyway, to combat this boredom, the Yorkshire Museum put out the word on Twitter for curators of other museums to send in photos and commentary of their weirdest exhibits. They got a lot of fantastically unusual results. Scroll through this linked article to check some of them out. A Fiji Mermaid; a hairpiece from a 1700-year-old corpse; the world’s ookiest hand-sewn plague mask; a 1700s diving suit; a witch’s totem (sheep’s heart); a creepy doll. Lots of treasures to admire.

My favorite, though, is Wheelie, the 155-year-old possessed children’s toy that moves on its own. What is Wheelie supposed to be a representation of, exactly? At first I thought it was a lion, but I’m not sure. A dog? A sheep? No, it has a long tail, so it’s no sheep. A wolf? And are those teeny little fangs I see? Wheelie definitely wins for the most personality.

The Severed Human Leg Creature is right up there, though.

The Evil Cheezman • May 5, 2020

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