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Fireside Chats: AMC will be A-OK

As this linked article explains, the possible declaring of bankruptcy by the AMC theater chain does not mean, as some have feared—and even as I feared, a little, if I’m honest about it—that the AMC theaters in your area won’t open back up when this pandemic is finally over. Bankruptcy may be more likely now than ever for the company, but even under chapter 11 or whatever their theaters will be operational. Even more, they *need* to be open if they declare bankruptcy. They need that revenue.

From the linked article: “Also, should AMC file for bankruptcy, that doesn’t mean that theatrical exhibition and moviegoing is dead. AMC can still re-open under Chapter 11 according to sources and that’s because studios and distributors are likely to be deemed by a bankruptcy court as critical vendors. In bankruptcy lingo, a critical vendor is one with a specialized skillset, mandatory safety certification or proprietary product whose discontinuation of service would have a significant negative impact on a debtor’s operations.”

Though I eagerly await their reopening, it is appropriate that the last movie I saw in a theater—which was an AMC theater—was THE INVISIBLE MAN. (Read our review here.) What will be the first movie I get to go see when they reopen?

The Evil Cheezman • April 19, 2020

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