Find Out whether You Are A Shadowhunter, Warlock, Werewolf or Vampire?

Take the quiz to see which TMI Alliance you belong to – Shadowhunters, Warlocks, Werewolves or Vampires. In theaters August 21. (I’m a SHADOWHUNTER! Take the #TMImovie Alliance Quiz to see if you’re a Shadowhunter, Warlock, Werewolf or Vampire!

the night desk’s insight:
Okay so what did you guys get? I was a shadowhunter. Who got werewolf?

By Editor

The Night Desk is our latest contributor. She has an obsessive compulsive disorder for scouring the landscape for vampire, werewolf, and horror news.


  1. A got a ‘werewolf’, even though I believe it was inaccurate. Many answers were so obviously slanted to give you ‘points’ towards a certain side, I picked the ones that were the most accurate, even if they weren’t dead on. It would have been nice if there was a neutral or a ‘human’ side…

  2. “Your version of Android is not supported” My version? My phone is up to date and works fine. Their site needs an upgrade.

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