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Final Review: PENNY DREADFUL The Comic Book Volume 2

In summation of the twelve-issue series, I found it satisfying but not perfectly so. The ending in the final issue felt a little rushed and there were some dangling plot threads left unattended. Even so it was a far better finale than the clipped ending to the aborted third season of the television series. And if the series continues with a fourth season in comic form, which I sure hope that it does, and for which they left the door wide open at the end of the final issue, my complaints will largely be minimized.

We didn’t get enough of the Monster to suit me. He finally did show up towards the end of the series, but he didn’t really do anything except to rescue Belial the Mummy. We didn’t get enough of Dracula either, and his last-minute face turn (wrestling terminology for “turning good”) wasn’t given enough of a set up, I thought. Mr. Hyde wasn’t given enough “screen time” and the extraneous characters, like the brother and sister aboriginal werewolves, never clicked for me. That’s it for my complaints, and as stated, much of these can be ameliorated in forthcoming issues.

So where did it leave us? Dracula and Lucifer, the latter still in the body of Vanessa Ives, were both sucked into the underworld after Dracula showed up at the last minute and chose to side with the heroes. Not, however, before pregnant Vanessa/Lucifer gave birth to twin girls. Catriona wanted to kill the infants but Lily intervened. Sir Malcolm’s ghost managed to reach Ethan when no one else could and Ethan broke free of Vanessa’s spell in time to wolf-out and help Dracula and the other heroes fight Lucifer’s hordes of demons. The series ended with Ethan and Lily together, arriving in America with the two hellspawn babies, planning to raise them as their children. The Monster brought Belial to Dr. Frankenstein for treatment, and Hyde showed up, also seeking Frankenstein’s “help.” Catriona met with Lyle, who revealed that, conveniently, a new coffin had been found, the coffin containing Lilith, the first vampire, whom we’d just learned about in that very issue. Awfully convenient.

Probably the thing I liked best about this continuation of the series was the expansion of the mythology of the show. It turns out Dracula wasn’t cursed to become a vampire after he and Lucifer were banished from Heaven. Rather he was turned by Lilith, who was the original ruler of Hell and was cursed with vampirism by God. And—conveniently—her coffin is now just waiting to be opened. More stories remain to be told. I hope they tell them.

The Evil Cheezman • January 17, 2019

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