Filming Underway on Indie Werewolf Film Crying Wolf

There’s a new werewolf film coming! Filming is now underway in Deddington, England for the comedic film Crying Wolf, co-written and directed by Deddington resident and film-maker Tony Jopia.

It’s been a tremendous fortnight’s filming and the rushes look fantastic. We’re so excited about it,” said Jopia.

“The story is about the antics of a group of young locals in a Cotswolds village who become werewolves after one of them is bitten.

“It’s a very wacky, crazy comedy very much in the style of Hammer Horror, Benny Hill and the old Ealing comedies – lots of Britishness! We filmed it in Deddington and on a farm in Duns Tew.

“We’ve got some really amazing special effects and prosthetics – some of the werewolves had to undergo seven hours in make-up for 20 minutes’ filming!”

Crying Wolf was commissioned after a film distribution company saw a ten-minute teaser, Cry Wolf, filmed in Deddington last summer. They picked up options on the feature-length Crying Wolf script and are giving it worldwide distribution rights.

The leads include former Bond girl Caroline Munro, Gary Martin, the voice of the Honey Monster commercial and veteran of many US horror films, world boxing champion turned actor Joe Egan who has appeared in all Guy Ritchie’s films and actor Kristopher Dayne, who plays Mario Andretti in Rush Ron Howard’s new film about F1 driver Niki Lauda.

“As well as professional actors there are many local faces in the film so viewers will be bound to see someone they know!” said Mr Jopia.

The film will be released in February.

What do you guys think of the upcoming film? How do you feel about British comedy?

– Moonlight

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