Film Flashback: She-Wolf of London

Today’s post is for all of the old school horror movie fans out there. You see, people are so focused on all the new shiny 3D movies out nowadays that they forget about the great classics, like the 1946 film She-Wolf of London. So I suggest having yourselves a classic horror movie night full of those black and white films that have been lost over the years, and here’s just one film to get you started.

She-Wolf of London follows the young Phyllis Allenby (June Lockhart), a beautiful woman who is soon to be married to lawyer and beau Barry Lanfield (Don Porter). Phyllis lives at the Allenby Mansion, along with her aunt Martha (Sara Haden), her cousin Carol (Jan Wiley) and their housekeeper Hannah (Eily Malyon). As the wedding date approaches, London is struck by a series of murders at the local park, where the victims are discovered with their throats ripped out. The newspapers, and many of the detectives at Scotland Yard, begin murmuring about werewolves, while Inspector Pierce (Dennis Hoey) believes the opposite and suspects strange activity at the Allenby Mansion (which is conveniently located near the park). It’s here at Phyllis’ where the “Wolf-Woman” is seen prowling at night around the park.

Phyllis soon becomes extremely frightened and anxious, since she has convinced herself that she is the “Wolf-Woman”, seriously believing in the legend of the so-called “Curse of the Allenbys“. Aunt Martha tries to convince Phyllis how silly the legend is, while her (Aunt Martha) and Carol are suspicious in their own ways.

Then, when Phyllis refuses to allow Barry to visit her, and when a suspicious detective is murdered soon after he visits the mansion in the same way the other victims perished, Barry begins believing that something else is responsible for the so-called “Werewolf murders” and makes his own investigations both to the park and to the mansion.

To learn what he discovered you’re going to have to check the film out. Let us know what you think when you do.

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  1. Great Movie! I’m a huge classic movie buff, while I may be 17 I still love the oldies, music and movies alike and this movie is absolutely phenomenal.

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