Fight Face to Face Agaist Werewolves in Real Life Werewolf Experience

While perusing the interwebs I came across what is possibly the most awesome thing ever – a chance to battle it out with werewolves! A group over in the UK has created a full-out werewolf experience packed with AK47s, booby traps, rooftop missions, military training from actual professionals, and ferocious werewolves. You actually get the chance to stand on a rooftop and shoot werewolves with a damn AK47! It’s AWESOME! Check out the details on this badass event below:


“The lowly werewolf has been cruelly overlooked in recent years. Vampires are everywhere. Zombies have been cluttering up the place with rotting carcasses.

Even Batmen have had a look in, thanks to the popular movie franchise and Prince’s ‘Batdance’ topping the pop charts. Yet it’s been tumbleweeds for werewolves since Teen Wolf.

But we want to redress that balance with the UK’s first werewolf experience. No longer will you have to wait until a full moon and then loiter in your local woods searching for werewolves (at least that’s what you told the magistrate). There will be lupine LOLs a-plenty as you battle werewolves face to face.

The team that brought you Zombie Boot Camp have created this terrifying werewolf experience. Zombies are slow, dumb and groany. Werewolves are strong, fast and cunning. It will take all your smarts to tackle these monsters on their own turf under the cover of darkness.

Several months ago a shadowy Special Forces unit disappeared taking part in a top-secret mission… then turned into werewolves. And it’s up to you to punch them in the muzzle.”

For more info check out their official page. They even hook you up with a stab vest!

What do you guys think? Is this not one of the coolest things you have seen all year?

– Moonlight

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  1. ONEWAY TO NOT GET KILLED BY WEREWOLF HUNTERS!!!!! get a werewolf hunting license and show it people you thnk are werewolf hunters!!! lol ;)

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