Extended Promo for Lost Girl Season 3

Season 3 of Lost Girl is almost here! That means more of the sexy Bo, the silly Kenzi and the wolf-tacular Dyson! Yay! I can’t wait! This season is all about Bo going bad, and you can see just how bad in the new 60-second trailer that was recently released. Check out the goods below!

Check out the extended promo for Lost Girl Season 3:

In a recent interview, Anna Silk (Bo) was careful not to give too much away about the highly anticipated third season of Lost Girl, but said there were a few exciting developments on the way.

LostGirl_S2_DVD_USAIf I was to give season three a theme, it would be all about discovery,” she said.

“Bo really learns that being fae is more complicated than simply choosing between light or dark.

“She undergoes probably the biggest challenges of her life, physically and mentally, and has to come to grips with who she is.”

Not only do we have Bo’s dark side to look forward to, but a couple new characters as well. Tamsin and Massimo! No word on what these new players are (probably Fae of some kind) but we do know they will have a big role in Season 3.

Lost Girl Season 3 premieres on Showcase January 6, 2013 and on SyFy on January 10.

Who here is excited about the new season?

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