Exotic and Strange Werewolf Memorabilia

It’s the age-old question: are you a lycan or a vampire? If you’re not 100% sure at this point in your life, let me help pursway you into finally choosing a side with these killer werewolf gift ideas and odd memorabilia.

Werewolf Feet – These things actually exist. Think of a costume minus the mask and gloves! When I Google-imaged werewolf ideas, I had no idea that these slipper-looking things would pop-up as a furry friendly gift.

Werewolf Hoodie- I have a creepy hoodie … it’s black and gray with skulls all over. You know what I’m talking about … those emo looking things that zip-up all the way to your head for no apparent reason. It seems as though a similar product has been created for the wolf in all of us.

Real Werewolves- Some people have taxidermied deer in their houses, and others go so far as to showcase real bears … but on the other end of the strange spectrum, some people actually have real werewolves in their homes. OK, real werewolves don’t actually exist but if they did, they’d look like this. Try putting one of these puppies in your enemy’s house … you’ll scare the shit out of them! Karma’s a bitch, don’t you think?

Real Werewolves Part Dieu- Keeping with the creepy life-size werewolf statues, this one is a little less realistic. His name is “The Werewolf,” and he goes for around 700 smackeroos. “The Werewolf” is a deluxe prop that comes with his very own growling soundtrack. Oh wait, it gets better; his limbs also move! Hmm … think about that for a second.

– Bryce

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