Exclusive Interview with The Werewolf Cathedral

When I first heard of The Werewolf Cathedral, a religious group that bases its beliefs on werewolves, I was instantly skeptical and critical. So I did what anyone would, I did research. Unfortunately I still had far too many unanswered questions, so I went to the source – I contacted the Cathedral and asked for an interview. They were kind enough to answer all of my questions on their church, beliefs and more. If you’re one of many who are interested in The Werewolf Cathedral I highly suggest checking out the interview below.

First off, the obvious question – what is The Werewolf Cathedral?

The Werewolf Cathedral is the only International church and secret society in the world devoted to the religion of Lycanthropy and authorized by its founders. We do not function in the same way as more commonly known churches. For instance we do not require a central building for meetings on certain days of the week etc… Group participation is not required however interaction with other members is made available to members if they seek that level of involvement. Such as members only chat, forums, Phone number exchange, personal offline meetings etc.

Can you please give our readers a brief overview of your beliefs?

We believe that man is a predatory animal, and that by unifying his intellect with his instinct he becomes more empowered to fulfill that which he wills to do. We believe that Social Darwinism is the true way nature operates, whether man finds this to be cruel or not makes no difference in regards to it’s truth. We believe in dealing with the world the way it is, not how it should be. It must be stressed however that we do not condone the racist aspect of Social Darwinism that was promoted in might is right, we see it from a non racist persceptive. We are by nature misanthropic. We have disdain for the masses of man as he seems to be dedicated to his own masochistic destruction. We as Werewolves do not believe in made man notions of good and evil. These terms are opinionated labels men give to actions to describe how they feel about them. We do not concern ourselves with labels meant to control or limit our behavior. We realize that everything we do has both negative and positive consequences. Thus everything we do is both “good” and “evil” depending on the opinion of the person commenting on our actions. We achieve perfect union by embracing total duality. Thus we are utterly wicked and purely holy at the same time. To put it simply we acknowledge the duality of our nature and do don’t try to change it but learn to use it to it’s fullest potential. We do not believe in sin. Sin is a man made ideal to keep lesser mortals inline. We believe in indulging in all of life’s pleasures, both sexual and non-sexual. Man is a carnal being and to deny oneself fleshly pleasures is absurd. We acknowledge there is the possibility of a afterlife however we believe that focusing more on the next life then this one causes one to let life pass them by. If the quality of an afterlife is dependant on this one then we should remain focused on this one and how it operates in truth, not how we are told, rather then a afterlife we have no proof even exist. We also believe that people should not be forced to believe or disbelieve in spirituality. For those that do we have a set of occult practices we follow, even these however can be viewed as purely psychological techniques for self empowerment and practiced by the atheist or agnostic Werewolf. More of our beliefs are laid out in both the Manifesto of The Wolf, which is available for free on the website, and in The Werewolf Bible. We also encourage responsible and respectable behavior in society. In fact we require that all members refrain from criminal acts as defined by their respective governments and that all members behave in a responsible and adult manner.

Why base the religion on werewolves and not actual wolves? From what I have read on your beliefs they have more to do with wolves than werewolves.
The Werewolf cathedral teaches one to merge with the base instincts. We acknowledge that we are Human beings but that we are animals. We do not seek to separate the two as many in the past have attempted. We feel that many ideologies have caused man to lose touch with his animalistic nature and survival instincts. Therefore the Werewolf is used as an archetype to represent man as an animal. The Werewolf is the perfect exemplar of the unified instinct and intellect, the beastly nature and the “humanistic” nature of man. To put it simply The Werewolf is a symbol of a person who has become in tune with there instincts as our ancestors were. Some may find this to be dangerous however our ancestors, who many consider to be primitive and barbaric, were not going around causing global warfare, murdering millions of people in a second with nuclear technology, and committing holocaust in the way that modern society and “civilized” man have.

I see that you charge people to become members, to me it sounds like a scam very similar to The Vampire Temple. What are your reasons for charging someone to be part of your religion?

I can understand why someone might feel that way however consider that Christian churches will charge you a tithe that counts for 10% of your yearly income as well as giving your soul to their god for eternity, membership in them is not free. For those who think we ask too much, we suggest that you look to your other possessions and expenses as a comparison. Most people spend far more than this amount on general entertainment. Most individuals can muster these funds if membership is something they truly desire. Bear in mind that our Cathedral has real people doing work (postage, paper, computers, email accounts, and so on are not free). We are emphatically not altruists. We are Werewolves, we expect to be compensated for our time and efforts. Also we are a secret society, almost all secret societies charge money for membership. When you compare our rates to others such as the Freemasons, who charge over $100.00 annually plus fees for each initiation we are extremely affordable. As far as The temple of the vampire is concerned we have former members within our ranks and we have very little in common with them especially in terms of fees. That organization charges $20.00 to become a lifetime registered member which gives you nothing more then a small book that contains no more then 50 pages of reworded chaos magick text, a tale similar to the biblical revelations and some Gothic poetry about dragons and sleeping. To become an Active member of the temple of the vampire requires an annual fee of $100.00 as well as $40.00 for each higher level grade book and $60.00 fee for application to move up into the next grade, of which there are five. It is also required that to become a priest within that organization one obtains a contract with a cryonics company, which can cost well over $50,000.00, to be cryogenically frozen upon death so that in the future they might be brought back to life and made immortal. The Werewolf Cathedral Charges a mere $35.00 one time fee, after which all of our literature, including anything new that is written, is made fully available to our members via pdf format, as well as all members only features of the website. Initiations are totally free and we do not require anything like cryogenic freezing of our membership, or encourage belief that we are aliens inside human bodies as is taught within the first circle of the “night side” of the temple of the vampire. If we were a scam we would not be a very good one. Given this information it is clear which is more worthy of the term scam and which is not. Also TWC Administration felt that unless something was charged people would not value there membership as much as they would if they had worked for it or invested in it somehow. The fee was made as affordable as possible while being enough to maintain the Cathedral and it’s various endeavors.

History and science tell us that werewolf myths were born from the lack of knowledge on medical conditions in old times. Hundreds of years ago people simply didn’t have the science to explain diseases, such as rabies, and so they attributed symptoms to the supernatural. Thus vampires, werewolves and more were born. Knowing this, how can you create a religion based on ignorance? Or is it simply the ideals associated with werewolves that inspired you?

I would have to dispute that somewhat. Various text speak of shamans that used Wolf fur to become in tune with the spirit of the wolf, as well as describe ancient gods as being Werewolf like in appearance. I do not deny that some of the myths were probably part of superstition and lack of knowledge whatsoever, however I don’t think it entirely explains away many ancient shamanic practices either. I also find the idea that someone can send telepathic messages back in time 2000 years to a dead nazarene hanging on a cross to be entirely delusional. And the idea that he can actually hear you and help you to borderline on mental illness. The second part of your question is more were we are coming from. It is an archetype for the ideals we stand for and promote, as well as a tool for our occult practices.

Do you believe in the actual physical transformation of human to wolf?
No. As stated in the Manifesto of The Wolf: The Werewolf Cathedral considers anyone that believes in actual transformation of a man into a Long Chaney Jr style wolf man, with a hairy face and fangs, to be a pseudo werewolf. Being a werewolf is a mentality and an ideology. Lycanthropic Transformation is about union of intellect with instinct. So that the two complement each other, rather than being at odds with one another. We are not concerned with role players and other such individuals, if that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere! This is an organization for the elite of the elite, truly self-reliant free thinkers.

What do you have to say to the skeptics out there?

Do not form assumptions based on preconceived ideas. Don’t just look at the word Werewolf and dismiss it out of a narrow mindset. Read our literature study it, give a fair consideration then form your opinion. If you are still unsure of something don’t make an assumption based off of lack of knowledge. Instead try to learn more or perhaps contact Administration for clarity.

What is The Werewolf Cathedral’s main goal? What are plans for the future?

Our main goal can be stated in what we term the Cathedral Duty: To find and awaken our kind to their nature and birth rite. The Werewolf Cathedral always seeks to further our ideology and philosophy. As the years go by we plan to increase the scope and range of our collective yet hidden influence on the masses and world.

Find The Werewolf Cathedral HERE.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


    1. i believe eliza is making a reference to lavey’s church of satan. there are similarities in the nature of the two “religions'” philosophies as they pertain to the embracing and indulging of human nature and desires but the stigma of lavey’s church is that of an anti-religion and forever linked in the minds of most with actual black magic and “real” satan worship. and so due to cryptic lyrical references in rock music dating back to the church’s inception and vilification from the pulpits of the christian church this church has become diluted and, in my opinion, impotent as a movement for the exploration of human nature and our place/places in the universe. instead it is a gathering place for disenfranchised youth and misled individuals who are actually seeking lucifer. i could continue this thread if anyone is interested in reading what I have deduced/discovered about the true nature of satanism as a spiritual or mystical persuit. religions are a topic of great interest to me and i form my opinions and base my conclusions on thorough research and objective reflection.

  1. I totally believe in werewolves! What’s not to believe? Back in the early days, people burned others in the belief that they were witches. What about Wickens? They study witchcraft, but you don’t see anyone being burned for their beliefs. I’m a Wicken myself, and I’m still here. But anyway, werewolves ARE real! My language arts teacher told me that I couldn’t do my project on werewolves because they’re noy real. >=( How does he know?! But really, look at the facts. 1. The saying “Is it a full moon tonight or something? You guys are acting crazy!” 2. People mysteriously dissapearing. 3. People’s pets getting lost and killed. 4. Excessively hairy people. 5. People who like their steaks VERRY rare. It all fits! What other explanation is there? No regular wolf could get that big! What about all of the folklore? Were they all just lies? NO WAY! At any rate, werewolves ARE real, and I can prove it.

    1. I’m not saying that werewolves aren’t real, but there a loads of explanations for ALL of the things you listed, explanations that have nothing to do with werewolves.

      Also, it’s wiccan :)

  2. Its an interesting theory and I did email them for more information. There doesn’t necessarily have to be logical explanations for everything. All things that exist now were an idea, thought or tangible thing that existed before, now everything is just a copy of a copy, but its nice to see some genuine views, or people that are truely passionate enough to look back to the original theories and ideas as opposed to hoping the commercial banwaggon.

  3. Werewolves have a youth culture like vampires.They are made into stupid beasts of west India.Werewolves have a technique for their pray.They use like Guirilla styly ambushes.They have a choice of eating them or turning to make them one.I know this because I have studied live Werewolves.I was almost pray in one case.In another I was going to be companion.

    1. Where did you study live werewolves!?!?!?! I have been trying to find a website about them but can’t please help me!!!!! And no I am not some Twilight fan looking for an Edward or Jacob I actually think Twilight disgraces vampires and werewolves I just want to find out about them insanely bad! Please help me!!!!!

  4. Well that’s….interesting, why do “werewolves” use Guerrilla style ambushes? In fact, why do they need to ambush you in the first place?
    I was curious about reading everyone’s comments on this, I usually don’t read comments as I find it affects my views on the article.
    My view though is: This actually seems like a reasonable religion and not a couple of crazy tween twilight fans banning together for reasons unknown as I originally thought. I’ve never heard of The Vampire Temple though (and I’m kind of glad I haven’t…) is it very big on the internet (or was…if it’s still running)?

  5. very interesting……. the werewolf cathedral that is, not the insane and inane ramblings of most of these posters. I expected a role-playing society or something equally pathetic but upon reading this interview I see deep and well formed philosophical ideals and ideas….. they seem quite blatantly valid actually. and the use of the iconic symbol of the werewolf as a representation of this philosophy fits. I’ll be looking into this further in the future.

  6. It’s interesting to see this “cathedral” pop up and parade itself as an original idea. It’s Satanism with fur.
    I’m sure when my book is out, it will cause quite a ruckus from this lot…seeing as I was penning The Werewolf Code(TWC) before this so-called “religion” was cyber-versed into existence.

  7. For Moonligh/Jesse Anette: Would you be willing to share where you were able to study live werewolves???? That is quite interesting if it is true?

  8. Honestly, do some bloody reading before you formulate your ‘philosophy’ and insult other peoples’, in my opinion equally ridiculous, faith as ‘bordering on mental illness’.

    The greatest minds of the last 500 years have written books on ethics, natural law, moral agency, and universal laws all of which would provide some much needed structure to your confused ramblings.

    Your reading list is a joke – I recommend an instant crash course in philosophy from Kant and Wittgenstein, through to Derrida, and post-structralist semiotics.

    Morons, spend your $35 at Barnes and Noble – you’ll get more out of it,

  9. I came across one many years ago. Was about 9ft. tall very fast, very strong. At first I was terrified, but I couldn’t help admiring this beautiful animal. Lucky to be alive, for some reason we both had neutral respect for each other.

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