Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth J. Kolodziej Author of ‘Werewolf Descent’

Elizabeth J. Kolodziej is the wonderful author of the Last Witch series. I first worked with her a year ago on Vampires.com when her debut novel Vampyre Kisses was released and it was an absolute joy reading her book and getting to know her. So I am pleased to announce that she is back with another book, Werewolf Descent, the second in the Last Witch series, which focuses more on the werewolves in the story! Elizabeth and I recently chatted about her new book and all sorts of other goodies, check it out!

Can you tell us about your book Werewolf Descent?
Werewolf Descent is the second book in the Last Witch Series (Vampyre Kisses being the first). I believe this book to be more action packed and a definite page-turner. I really paid attention to what readers liked and didn’t like in the first book and from what people are telling me I did a great job with it. What I love about this book is the werewolf folklore. It runs further than vampire or witch stories and is from Greece!

But here is the synopsis to get a better idea what you’re in for:

Last witch in the world, Faith Scott, and her Irish vampire boyfriend Trent have just come back from fighting for their lives to recover the Vampiric Blood gem and Werewolf Moon gem. Thinking they could finally relax and work on the romance growing between them, they now meet a mysterious psychic vampire named Vincent who has his heart set on being with Faith.

Soon bizarre killings of Zou Tai’s werewolf pack begin, with rumors of an alchemist possessing the famed philosophers stone being the assailant; which, causes Faith to turn to Vincent for help in figuring out why the werewolves are being murdered.

It isn’t long before all those around them test Trent and Faith’s love, along with their abilities, once again. It is all Trent can do to keep Faith safe by his side while both go up against a deadly alchemist, deceptive gods, and having to rescue the werewolf prince; yet, after a deal with the God of Werewolves will Trent be able to save himself too?

Do readers have to read Vampyre Kisses to understand what’s going on in Werewolf Descent?
In my personal opinion I think you can get away with reading Werewolf Descent without reading Vampyre Kisses. However, you are going to miss out on the character building, but that comes with every series.

Do werewolves have a bigger role in this book than the last one?
Yes! The story is not totally centered around Zou Tai, but there is so much you start to learn about him, his past, and the werewolf royalty. However, there is so much information that I could only touch on some while other parts I fully explained. At the moment I am trying to decide if I should do a novella completely centered on Zou Tai in Japan. I am playing with the idea and think it would be a good thing. Especially since the next two books in the Last Witch Series are going to be highly centered around Faith and something tragic that happens to her along with the gods getting more involved.

How does Werewolf Descent differ from other novels about werewolves?
I can’t be totally sure about this because I haven’t read every werewolf book out there but I think the uniqueness lies with the characters, their history, and the mix of real werewolf lore. The history of the werewolf royalty is extensive and the events that happened in Japan are horrific. This has shaped Zou Tai to be a different sort of werewolf in some respects to others. Especially when you get the moon stone involved. Also, I personally tend to lean towards a more traditional aspect for my werewolves and vampires, which seems to be changing with the more creativeness of some authors.

What is one thing you would like people to take away from their experience of reading Werewolf Descent?
That is pretty simple, I want them to walk away happy with the adventure they were apart of and maybe some more open mindness about love, faith, and trust.

What is it about werewolves that makes them such great subjects to write about?
I love the mystery behind the werewolf. With so little stories about werewolves (I mean folklores and legends from centuries ago) I think there is a lot of room to be creative. Also, they are very strong hot-blooded beasts that put a new meaning to the phrase “wolfy style”.

Who do you think would win in a fight, a werewolf or a vampire?
Ugh! Why did you have to ask me this?! Haha. Ok are we talking same age and everything I assume. Thinking about this long and hard…I might have to lean towards a vampire. But it also depends on the book! In mine, vampires grow stronger with age while werewolves grow older with intelligence. So I would still have to say vampire. That’s not to say that it always ends that way in my books though. (that’s a lot of that’s … I wonder if it’s a record)

Who’s your favorite fictitious werewolf (other than your own)?
Ok, some of you may not get this reference, but the first werewolf I really fell in love with first was Jon Talbain from Dark Stalkers. Also, it’s totally how I picture my werewolves looking like. None of the cat looking stuff for my werewolves! Also, don’t look at the bad pictures look at the really well done ones. <grin>

What is your favorite werewolf book, movie, and/or show?
I don’t think I have read enough paranormal werewolf books to have a fav yet. For movie I would say Wolf Man. I mean come on it’s a classic. As for show I have been kind of into Teen Wolf on MTV recently BUT I really can’t get enough of Being Human. I love the actor who plays the werewolf. Even though the werewolf ends up look like an oversized rat.

Tell our readers why they should check out your book – in 3 words: (bwahaha)
Ya’know Ya’wanna…. No? Doesn’t count? Fine…. <pouting> Hmmm. Sex. Adventure. Death. LoL. I didn’t realize how bad that looks until I read it all together.

And finally, what other projects are you currently working on? Any goodies we should watch out for?
I am working, of course, on Witch Devotions (third book).

I’m hoping “I Believe In Werewolves comes” out soon since there is a werewolf short story in it that I wrote.

I am working hard to finish an Erotic Short Story involving supernatural creatures and….Christmas. Lol. It’s a contest for Sizzler and I’m really hoping they like what I give them.

And then there are ALL the other ideas floating in my head ready for me to let them loose. Trust me, I’m not stopping any time soon. Elizabeth J. Kolodziej is here to stay.

Find Elizabeth here:
Official website

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  1. Don’t you think theres already too much wolf-killing vamps in tv shows and novels? Don’t They make werewolves look really weak,lame,and pathetic?

  2. I really want a strong werewolf image. I’m a wannabe author (nothing published sadly) and I’m portraying werewolves as the tougher race. Although in my book werewolves and vamps work together with warlocks, poultergeists and human “slayers”.

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