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I’ve got quite a treat for you guys today, an interview with author Larry Kerr! While he is fairly new to the book scene, he is by no means new to writing. After graduating from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and attending graduate school at Penn State he was a reporter/photographer at two small newspapers in western Pennsylvania. He then became a copy editor at a newspaper in south central Pennsylvania. He held that job for nearly ten years until moving into web programming. He now works for a state agency serving the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Always interested in fiction, Larry began writing in earnest in 2004. He won an honorable mention in the Mechanicsburg, PA, Cloak & Dagger Book Group’s mystery short story contest for 2005. He also won an honorable mention in the 2007 Central PA magazine short story contest. In 2010, he was published as part of an anthology titled Inhuman, put out by Absolute Xpress.

On top of all of that, this man has also written a horror book about werewolves titled By the Light of the Moon. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I was lucky enough to land an interview with the busy man himself and got the dish on this new werewolf book. Check it out:

Can you tell us about your book By the Light of the Moon?
By the Light of the Moon is the story of John Reynolds. He is a newspaper reporter who suffered a nervous breakdown in the middle of a newsroom in Pittsburgh, PA. Unable to return to his old job and face those who saw the incident, he returns to journalism at a small newspaper in Blacksville, PA. Shortly after he arrives, some horrific murders occur. Like the police, Reynolds thinks it is a man killing people. However, he gets strange phone calls from a woman who hints that the killer is not a man. Before long, Reynolds, fellow newspaper reporter Trisha Stewart, TV reporter Kathy Starr, police officer Daryl Walters and Professor Eleanor Dawkins team up to track down the fiend who is killing the people of Blacksville. What they find is worse than anything Reynolds imagined during his darkest days.

How does By the Light of the Moon differ from other novels about werewolves?
The novel is more a classical werewolf tale. That is, it sticks to the werewolf traditions. By that I mean the beast only comes out during the full moon and does not do such things as change form at will. I find some of the newer horror tales don’t work as well for me. I suppose authors and scriptwriters feel they must break new ground, but having vampires out during the day just because they wear a magic ring or zombies running like track stars just doesn’t do it for me.

Where did you get the idea for By the Light of the Moon?
I was working on another novel, that was not horror, when the idea started forming in my head. However, there was no single moment when I had the idea.

What is one thing you would like people to take away from their experience of reading By the Light of the Moon?
I hope they enjoyed it and were entertained.

Do you prefer the classic monstrous werewolf or the modern sweeter, kinder werewolf?
I touched on it in my earlier answer, but to me werewolves are scary creatures. You can see that in the cover of the book. The concept was mine, though an artist on the staff of Damnation Books executed the art and did it well.

Who’s your favorite fictitious werewolf (other than your own)?
My favorite werewolf is the one in An American Werewolf in London.

What is your favorite werewolf book/movie/show?
That is also my favorite werewolf book or movie. It has all the elements: horror, comedy and a tragic love story. An underrated movie.

Tell our readers why they should check out your book – in 3 words: (bwahaha)
Scary as hell.

And finally, what other projects are you currently working on? Any goodies we should watch out for?
I have a historical fiction novel (the one I was working on when the werewolf idea came to me) and an action novel complete. I have a short story coming out in an anthology soon. On my web site, www.larrykerrauthor.com, I post some of my work that is free to read. Among them are two short stories that won honorable mention.  On the News page there is a link to Cast Macabre. Click that to hear a wonderful reading of one of my short stories.

Find more on Larry here:
Official website

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