Emily Blunt Talks The Wolfman

Taylor Lautner and Chaske Spencer aren’t the only hot wolves that we’ll see on the big screen in 2010 and much before we see the Eclipse in June, we’ll get to see other big names such as Emily Blunt, Anthony Hopkins, and Benicio Del Toro either take on wolf forms or fight them. All of this will happen in the movie The Wolfman, which is due in theaters in February 2010. In this werewolf movie that’s set early in the 1800s, a brother returns to his hometown in England upon his brother’s fiance’s insistence, to investigate the disappearance of his brother. Upon arriving, he and the rest of the family quickly find out about all the horrors that lay there, and just how both brothers fit into it all.

One of the things that excites me most about this movie is that we get to see Emily Blunt in action. Blunt is an English starlet that I don’t think we get to see or hear nearly enough of. She recently sat down with Craze Online to discuss her most current project, Adjustment Bureau, in which she plays a young portrayal of Queen Victoria. Luckily, the talk turned away from early-day real life to early-day fantasy as Emily started discussing how it felt to play a role in which she ran from unnatural beasts, and whether or not she believes in the whole ‘were’ phenomenon. This excerpt comes from Crave Online,

“Q: You have a couple of big projects coming out in 2010, with The Wolfman and Gulliver’s Travels. What’s it like working in such fantastical worlds?

Emily Blunt: It’s funny because The Wolfman was a different kind of genre for me. The thing with The Wolfman is that it’s quite hard to do those genres sometimes because you want to have the characters react in a very real way to something that’s so otherworldly and supernatural that you’ve never had experience with that yourself. I’ve never come across a Wolfman. I don’t believe in it. So to have your whole existential bubble burst and try to react and show that in a realistic way was tricky. It helped that Benicio [Del Toro], as the Wolfman, looks absolutely f*cking terrifying. That helps transport you because it really makes your skin crawl, it’s so frightening. So, yeah, when I got chased by the Wolfman, I ran for my life. I hate being chased, number one. That’s my pet hate. When I was a kid, my mom would chase me up the stairs for a joke and I would cry. I hated it. So now, I’m living my nightmare in this movie. It was really fun!”

Seeing her in that movie is enough to make me want to go. But hearing Emily Blunt describe Benicio Del Toro as looking “f*cking terrifying” just intrigues me even more! Hopefully it turns out as good as it sounds.


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