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Ed Gein’s Ghoul Car

I have this dream of one day opening a museum of the odd and wonderful, like the Abita Mystery House and like my friends Wolf and Ali Mertz, who own Wolf’s Museum of Mystery. One item I had some interest in acquiring for my museum was Ed Gein’s car, the car he used to transport the bodies he exhumed from local cemeteries and possibly the bodies of his two known murder victims. The car had first been purchased by Bunny Gibbons, a carnival owner from Illinois, in 1958. The 1949 Ford Sedan, dubbed the “Ed Gein Ghoul Car” by Gibbons, brought in lots of marks but also garnered lots of unwanted attention from those who wanted to stop him from displaying it. A sheriff in Slinger, Wisconsin shut the exhibit down, and the state of Wisconsin eventually banned it.

What would make a gentleman of modest means such as myself think he might be able to obtain such a spooky treasure as the Ghoul Car? Because whomever currently owns it, if it still exists at this point, has no clue just what he had in his possession. I was able to track down the Ghoul Car to somewhere in Tennessee, where it reportedly sits rusting and abandoned in some old field. There the trail went cold.

The Evil Cheezman • February 21, 2019

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