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Ed Gein wasn’t PC? Say it ain’t so!

Here is an article bitching about—I mean, examining—the ways in which THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS isn’t PC. Typically this kind of thing elicits only an eye roll from me, or, if I’m short on material for the week, an angry online deconstruction of the original piece at this or one of our sister sites. I both despise PC culture and delight in tearing it apart in equal measure. This one, though, makes a claim that is actually true. Buffalo Bill, the killer in the film (other than Hannibal Lecter) makes transgender folks look bad.

Okay, yes, that’s true. But come on, now. He makes human beings, period, look bad. He’s a deranged serial killer. He just also happens to be a wannabe transgender. That isn’t “transmisogyny.” I don’t think anyone could rationally take away from the film the inference that ALL transgender people are supposed to be that way. (They aren’t. Transgender people aren’t any different than any other type of people. You can no more say that Buffalo Bill is typical of transgenders than to say that Ted Bundy is typical of non-transgender people.) But even if that fails to let the air out of the objections from the PC wankers, this does: Buffalo Bill was based on a real person, a fella named Ed Gein. And Gein WAS a deranged serial killer and he WAS a wannabe transgender. First rule of avoiding charges of libel, I remember from my college journalism class: If it’s true, you can’t be guilty of libel. And what the movie depicts IS true, whether that truth is uncomfortable to some or it isn’t.

It must be hard to be a PC wanker. They must be really miserable people.

The Evil Cheezman • July 22, 2018

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