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Eating Alice

Journalistic integrity, or the dearth thereof, is not a recent occurrence. Though I don’t think their intentions were malicious, I recall watching news programs in my youth wherein they got everything wrong. The local news reported once on the dangers of LSD contained in temporary tattoos; despite the fact that it’s just an urban legend they reported it as real. And then I remember 20/20 doing a bit on the satanic influences in music. They covered backmasking and subliminal messages—also urban legends—and supposed violent and unwholesome influences in the Rock industry. It was the 80s and the country was deep in the midst of the Satanic Panic mass delusion. Good times. Today I watch Motley Crue videos, the same videos they were warning parents against back then, and I laugh. They’re so cheesy. “THAT,” I say to myself, “is what people were afraid of?!”

They showed clips from the Tom Petty video for “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” though. And *that* one creeped me all the hell out. (Hey, I was a little kid.) In particular the Alice in Wonderland imagery, and the part where Alice becomes a cake, which is then cut into and served. Satanic? Hell, no. Creepy? Hell, yes. (MTV edited the video before airing it. In the original version, the Alice cake bleeds strawberry jam.) Alice also transforms into a pig at one point.

The Evil Cheezman • April 7, 2020

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