Dylan Dog: Dead of Night Trailer

The trailer for the new movie, Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night, has finally arrived. The movie, based on a series of Italian comics, follows the adventures of supernatural private eye, Dylan Dog, who seeks out the monsters of the Louisiana bayou in his signature red shirt, black jacket and blue jeans.

“In the film Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) is forced back into his nightmare investigations after he is approached by a woman who claims to have seen her father brutally murdered by a mysterious creature. With his street smarts, his gun, and a set of paranormal weapons, Dylan attempts to restore order both above and below ground.”

Check out the trailer:
The trailer was hosted by YouTube, but we’ve removed the link after receiving a DMCA request from nick@newplanetmedia.com – we don’t want to give them any additional free promotion since they want to be jerks about it.  We recommend avoiding anything to do with them.

Did you see that? A werewolf! I mean, the werewolf was getting its furry ass kicked, but still, there is a werewolf in the movie. Better yet, there’s all sorts of supernatural creatures in this film – including vampires, zombies and more. Sweet! Unfortunately, there’s still no release date set for Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night.

I haven’t read the comics myself, but according to Amazon:

“Nightmares can’t hurt you. There’s no such thing as the walking dead. Monsters are all in your imagination. We tell ourselves these things to make us feel safe at night, to give us strength against the unknown. But there are things in the dark that can hurt us. Just ask Dylan Dog. An ex-cop who now battles against evil as a “nightmare investigator,” Dylan Dog is unlike any private eye you’ve ever met. If creatures from beyond the unknown are after you, and if you can hire him, he just might save your life.”

Sounds pretty badass to me. The comic has a massive fan base, so here’s hoping that the movie doesn’t disappoint.

Do you guys think you’ll check out this upcoming flick? Or are there just not enough werewolves for you?

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