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This is the first of the offerings from Small Town Monsters that I’ve had the pleasure to view, and if the ilk resemble it then it bodes well for the overall quality of their output. Funded in part by crowdsourcing, THE BRAY ROAD BEAST is a slick little production and a must for werewolf aficionados. My only complaint concerning the documentary is that I wanted more of it. The DVD comes with a special features section, a making-of documentary within the documentary. Make sure you watch this as well, as paired with the documentary proper it makes for a satisfying program. There is material in the behind-the-scenes feature that should have made it into the movie proper. This material was cut due to time constraints, we are told, yet the main program is only a little over an hour long so I don’t quite understand this. Even the silly antics of the crew members as captured in the making-of featurette would have fit just fine into the primary offering.

I will be having lots more news to offer concerning the Beast of Bray Road in the coming weeks. I don’t want to give anything away just yet, but stay tuned to this site. This could well turn out to be the summer of the Beast!

The Evil Cheezman • August 13, 2019

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