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Dueling Churches

Church the cat, that is. Churches, plural, for cats, plural. Which one did you think was scarier? The blue fluffy undead cat from the 1989 original PET SEMATARY or the Maine Coon from the new one? I loved both of them, but I think the original has the edge in the creepiness factor. Something about the glowing zombie eyes contrasting better with the blue coloration, maybe. Granted the new Church has got that stare. (And kudos to the trainer for managing to get a cat to sit still like that, by the way.)

There were reportedly eight(!) different animal actors portraying the part of Church in the latest film. (The credits for the film list four.) That’s because you *can* train a cat, but you can only really train it to do one thing properly. That means a different cat was needed to hiss, one to stare, one to jump, etc. (And they all had to look alike.) Not surprisingly for those of us who own cats, the felines were rumored to be divas on the set. It’s heartwarming that all the feline actors were shelter rescues before becoming movie stars.

There were reportedly seven different Churches in the original PET SEMATARY, so the new one raises them by one. Just as a little bit of FYI, I personally own a cat that looks quite a bit like Church—the original, that is. And I have a tortoiseshell tabby that, I am convinced, died and was buried in the “sour ground” and then resurrected before said cat came to live with me. This cat, Mabel, didn’t come back the same. She is now pure evil. Fortunately she’s just a cat, so there’s not a lot she can do about it.

The Evil Cheezman • April 12, 2019

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