Dr. Stephen Kaplan’s Quest For Real Werewolves

Werewolf-1It’s not odd for us to wonder if werewolves are real or not, it’s crossed the mind of many. But Dr. Stephen Kaplan took it way beyond simple thought, he conducted worldwide research in attempt to discover real werewolves (and vampires). The late Dr. Kaplan (d. 1995) and his wife spent years trying to discover the truth.

When the doctor was a consultant on the cable TV series Werewolf, he got more than half a million phone calls on their “werewolf hotline.” According to Kaplan, “People were invited to call in if they knew a real werewolf or if they felt they had ever seen on in real life. They were also invited to call if they were werewolves.”

Of course most of the callers were just curious people looking for info, but Kaplan said that 5,000 insisted that they had seen werewolves in real life. A large amount of callers claimed that they were real werewolves, some of them describing in great detail killing their victims. Others claimed to be “latent werewolves,” a result of werewolves that had babies with a normal humans. Kaplan later laughed saying, “It was great! Television was helping me research werewolves.”

Dr. Kaplan said that he himself had encounters with real werewolves. He said he was always careful when conducting interviews with self-proclaimed werewolves: “Many of them have spent time in mental institutions. Many have killed as teenagers and were committed. And the full moon really does affect them.”

Even though he never saw someone actually change from human to wolf he said many of the self-proclaimed werewolves had unusually long canine teeth. He also noted that, “Many of them said that they are affected about two days before the fullo moon. The it’s two days during the full moon and two days after – so for six days they are werewolves.”

Due to their obsession with wolves, Kaplan says that male werewolves will go those six days without shaving, thus adding to the hairy effect. “The voice, the posture, the personality change. In some cases, even eye color changes. They become full-blown schizoids. Some of them will actually use artificial hair to give a stronger emphasis to their werewolf appearance,” reported Kaplan.

As you can imagine Dr. Stephen Kaplan’s research into the world of real werewolves pissed a few people off. He said he received angry treats from real werewolves, saying some threatened to kill him as an object lesson.

The doctor’s theory is that werewolves may be a genetic result of the Yeti – the Abominable Snowman – who came down from the mountains and eventually crossbreed with humans. Werewolfism may skip a generation, but it may lie latent in many people.

Kaplan also said, “The most common causes of accidents on the playgrounds, in nursery schools, in primary schools, is kids biting each other. How many latent werewolves do we have out there among us?”

– Moonlight

By moonlight

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  1. ok maybe they are real but i’m a vampire so wat is the point if we are real or not i’m glad we’re real but one tiny problem we can live forever sorry my aunt been there done that & she’s dead & she was a vampire so does that been vampires are not real even werewolves?

  2. i know this person but i wont mention any names [Geoffrey], he threatened to hurt me in a way no human can. does that mean he might be a werewolf

  3. I have always wondered if there were werewolves. i want to research it myself but im too young and i dont have the money. alot of people say they have seen werewolves but there are two different describions that i have heard of:
    Beautiful wolf but way larger than any in the world
    Ugly monster that stands on its hind legs and peers through the night.
    contact me if you want i want to know more.

  4. Hey dakota, why don’t you enlighten us on how he threatened you. As a werewolf I could tell you how if what he said means something. If you don’t want to reply here is a tip. If he threatens to rip you jugular vein out with his teeth then he either has clinical lycanthopy or is a werewolf. You decide.

  5. werecats are cool(hence my feline name)!sorry to hear that,midnight she might have been killed on purpose did you find a body? the only ways i know are being teared apart and being cremated(thx christian for telling me about ripping heads off (sarcasm)you arnt a born vampire,are you?vampires cant get older,somebody might be make-believing.i know a werewolf girl named taylor read about her in “werewolves vs vampires” plz read my vmpr questions 2.i draw taylor as a kinda skiny furry teenager with a wolf head & tail,not very scary unless she start growling at you. i hear kid vampires are the most vicious.vampires and werewolves are real.ROCK ON!!!

  6. ima werewolf and i dont ever kill humans. i can conrtol myself to only kill animals. im full wolf even thought i was bit, and im not half girl half wolf. im full wolf im brown and black and i have a white muzzle with brown and tan and i love to run in the moonlight. I have green eyes. IM NOT A LAIR AND I LOVE FELLOW WOLVES!

  7. In many Native American coulters wolves are animals of leadership and power. One coulter believes that some of the bravest and most elegant worriers can change in to these powerful animals. But in European courtiers people that tern in to wolves are evil and should be killed before they kill you. If thesis people so far away have the similar believes in werewolves or shape shifters why are some good and ethers are evil? Or maybe there good and evil they guest have to choose how to act towards there new life? This is a puzzle has been around for a long time but we still don’t know the answer.

  8. i’m a beliver just seems no possible just the world has no time for make belive
    its just a scatch at the back of my mind “What if?”

  9. There is no such thing as vampires or werewolves, there is only disturbed people with either strange diseases or complicated diseases like Schizophrenia, pellagra in this case for the so called vampires because the pellagra is a disease that makes the people be extremelly sensitive to sunlight, only crazy people do horrible stuff like killing and eating another human being. That;s why there psychologists this days, for people with problems like this but this doesnt mean that they are creatures with powers that is just a myth, a legend. i feel so sorry for the people that believe they are because they sound like they really need a lot of help.

  10. hay ppl werewolves are real I had at less 5 encanters but I think werecats is the stupidis thing ppl shewolf is a name of a werewolf in the midevil times thay can chang any time thay wonto so shut the fuck up about werecats you dumass did you loos your bran in a mitare exprimint I have nothin els to say.

  11. Please, ddw, learn how to spell before you start flaming other people for no reason. Shewolf, nice to meet you! And sorry if anyone is offended (unless I actually want them to be offended) if I tell someone off on this site, I just get really protective sometimes especially toward other werewolves. Pack instincts, y’know. Anyway, shewolf, it’s nice to talk to other weres sometimes. I’m a benandanti, what breed are you? And what do you do during the full moon? I shift in my sleep and my wolf and human forms separate while I’m sleeping, like most benandanti, but when I’m awake I have enhanced strength, speed, and senses. Full moon nights, however, are my time to relax. Like many others of my breed, I’m a demon hunter but I do it by protecting humans who are in danger of demonic siege in the day time.

    I’m curious about the biting process, I’ve only ever met two other werewolves before. One of them is dead now and the other is my toddler brother – I’m keeping a journal of my experiences to pass on to him in case something happens to me before his first transformation. I was so lost when I first realized what I was and if it weren’t for extensive research and sites like this one, I would still be. Thanks to all of the werewolves on this site for moral support and being able to empathize.

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