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Dr. Stephen Kaplan’s Quest For Real Werewolves

Werewolf-1It’s not odd for us to wonder if werewolves are real or not, it’s crossed the mind of many. But Dr. Stephen Kaplan took it way beyond simple thought, he conducted worldwide research in attempt to discover real werewolves (and vampires). The late Dr. Kaplan (d. 1995) and his wife spent years trying to discover the truth.

When the doctor was a consultant on the cable TV series Werewolf, he got more than half a million phone calls on their “werewolf hotline.” According to Kaplan, “People were invited to call in if they knew a real werewolf or if they felt they had ever seen on in real life. They were also invited to call if they were werewolves.”

Of course most of the callers were just curious people looking for info, but Kaplan said that 5,000 insisted that they had seen werewolves in real life. A large amount of callers claimed that they were real werewolves, some of them describing in great detail killing their victims. Others claimed to be “latent werewolves,” a result of werewolves that had babies with a normal humans. Kaplan later laughed saying, “It was great! Television was helping me research werewolves.”

Dr. Kaplan said that he himself had encounters with real werewolves. He said he was always careful when conducting interviews with self-proclaimed werewolves: “Many of them have spent time in mental institutions. Many have killed as teenagers and were committed. And the full moon really does affect them.”

Even though he never saw someone actually change from human to wolf he said many of the self-proclaimed werewolves had unusually long canine teeth. He also noted that, “Many of them said that they are affected about two days before the fullo moon. The it’s two days during the full moon and two days after – so for six days they are werewolves.”

Due to their obsession with wolves, Kaplan says that male werewolves will go those six days without shaving, thus adding to the hairy effect. “The voice, the posture, the personality change. In some cases, even eye color changes. They become full-blown schizoids. Some of them will actually use artificial hair to give a stronger emphasis to their werewolf appearance,” reported Kaplan.

As you can imagine Dr. Stephen Kaplan’s research into the world of real werewolves pissed a few people off. He said he received angry treats from real werewolves, saying some threatened to kill him as an object lesson.

The doctor’s theory is that werewolves may be a genetic result of the Yeti – the Abominable Snowman – who came down from the mountains and eventually crossbreed with humans. Werewolfism may skip a generation, but it may lie latent in many people.

Kaplan also said, “The most common causes of accidents on the playgrounds, in nursery schools, in primary schools, is kids biting each other. How many latent werewolves do we have out there among us?”

– Moonlight

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moonlight • November 15, 2009

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