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Double Dogmen

A video from Michigan and a photograph from Texas of what are allegedly Dogmen surfaced in the last 30 days.

The werewolf of folklore was a literal wolf, a man transformed into a four-legged fiend, larger and more ferocious than your average wolf, maybe, but still recognizable as such. The “man-beast” version of the werewolf didn’t come along until the advent of the cinema gave us the werewolf of the two-legged variety, probably because it was a lot easier to put make-up and yak hair on an actor to achieve a credible werewolf than to affect a man transitioning into a real wolf. Jack Pierce, with his amazing prosthetics for THE WOLF MAN, forevermore established that Hollywood werewolves walk around on two legs. We wouldn’t see another four-legged lycanthrope in the mainstream until AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, and even then the beast resembled a real wolf only nominally.

“Dogmen” are cryptids that resemble in every respect the werewolf of celluloid; bestial, wolf-like heads atop shaggy but bipedal bodies. They walk upright, at least some of the time, though no one who believes in them believes they transition back into human form come sunup, because they were never human to begin with. Yet people still report sightings of these creatures, two recent ones coming from as far apart as Michigan (where there is a long history of Dogman sightings) and Texas. Either there’s more than one, then, or else the Dogman sure gets around.

source: mysteriousuniverse.org


The Evil Cheezman • August 18, 2015

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