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DoppelCoop and the Showgirls

Attention, all TWIN PEAKS fans and non-fans alike. Something occurred to me the other day that I feel I need to share with you. Fans already know that Agent Dale Cooper ventured into the Black Lodge, a parallel dimension filled with both benevolent (or at least morally ambiguous) and sinister entities back in 1991. He was trapped there, and replaced in the world of TWIN PEAKS by an evil lookalike. This doppelganger was, in turn, host to the sinister Demon BOB. It took 25 years, but Cooper was able to escape the Black Lodge and do away with his nefarious impersonator, although it took him a full third season of the show to do it. However, I have determined that a similar phenomenon happened to Kyle MacLachlan, the actor who portrays Dale Cooper.

MacLachlan was also trapped in the Black Lodge for 25 years, not escaping until TWIN PEAKS returned to the airwaves last summer. During that period of time, his own doppelganger did all sorts of nasty things, things completely out of character for MacLachlan. Just like DoppelCoop did things that Agent Cooper would never do. DoppelCoop killed multiple people. Doppel-MacLachlan took a leading role in SHOWGIRLS, something that the REAL Kyle MacLachlan would have never done. It’s just too bad Elizabeth Berkeley can’t blame her own career-killing misstep on her being replaced by an evil doppelganger of Jessie Spano.

Or CAN she…?

The Evil Cheezman • June 17, 2018

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