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Don’t pick that fight, Foukey!

Y’all, I love the Fouke Monster and THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK about as much as anybody can love ‘em. The movie is an out-and-out classic, a drive-in masterpiece, as well as a vintage slice of shadowy Americana, and I’m thrilled that, with its full digital restoration and time currently being spent on the theater circuit, it’s getting the love it deserves from others. That being said, we need to be careful making claims that the Fouke Monster is the king of all monsters. There are all those Universal Monsters to consider, who are just as deserving of that title. And then there’s Godzilla, who was called “King of the Monsters” long before the recent (and masterful) big-screen monster brawl.

Why? Size matters.

Sure, you could argue that Foukey deserves the title more, as he, or it, is actually real. Real in the sense that he, or it, exists physically in our mundane world. (At least plenty of people believe he does, myself included.) But if we’re dealing with hypotheticals, we must be honest. Not too long ago I theorized on who would win in a fight, a Sasquatch or a werewolf. I went with Sasquatch. Again, size matters. But would a Sasquatch stand a chance in a fight against Godzilla? No. One step would end it. Squish. Sorry, Sasquatch.

As it isn’t likely the Fouke Monster would be go picking a fight with a gigantic radioactive lizard, though, we need not worry.

The Bishopville Lizard Man of North Carolina, however…

The Evil Cheezman • July 11, 2019

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