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Don’t need a Wolfman when you’ve got a Dog-Boy

Actually, if you were going to make a movie out of the latter, you might want to change the name. “Dog-Boy” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? One thing the Dog-Boy has going for it is that it’s real. Purportedly real, that is. As in, there are some people who believe it exists in our reality, and some who claim to have encountered it. You can read about some of those encounters here.

According to the legend, Dog-Boy was summoned by a religious cult practicing black magic at a rural farmhouse in the Ohio Valley of Pennsylvania. (If it’s in Pennsylvania, why do they call it the “Ohio Valley”? It’s confusing. The creature is alternately referred to as the “Dog-Boy of the Shenango Valley, which has a more exotic ring to it, don’t you think?) You’d also think, if the group wanted a guard dog, it would’ve been easier to just hit up the local animal shelter, but some people enjoy showing off what they can do.

Check out this short video promoting the Dog-Boy’s appearance on Destination America, featuring werewolf expert Linda Godfrey. If you happened to spot the Dog-Boy, what would you do? Would you go back for a second look, like the kids featured in the video did, and almost paid for it with life and limb? Or limb, at least. We can’t say for sure what the Dog-Boy would have done with the kids if it had managed to catch one. It didn’t, but it wasn’t for lack of trying on its part.

The Evil Cheezman • January 18, 2018

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