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Donald Trump is Cousin to a Werewolf

I generally avoid talking politics on this and our sister sites (vampires.com and darkness.com). I figure that’s how you all prefer it. I know that I personally always find it distasteful when some celebrity starts spouting off with some political views, even if I hold those same views. No, I’m not saying I consider myself a celebrity. I’m saying that entertainers should stick to entertaining. This is an entertainment site. There’s plenty of politics to be had out in the real world, as much as anybody could want and I daresay a great deal more than most people want. In regards to our present situation in this country, I will say that I, both as someone who values basic human morality and as a patriotic American who loves the ideals his country stands for, cannot in any way support the individual currently sitting in the Oval Office, nor can I understand how any citizen who also values those things ever could. And that is all I will say about that. Moving on to the entertainment!

Donald Trump may be related to Peter Stumpf the werewolf, aka “Stubbe Peter”, who was executed in 1589 along with his mistress, Katharina Trump, according to this article. Also, and this is according to me, wasn’t Trump’s family name originally “Trumpf”? Given the fluidity of spelling back in those days, where something could be spelled multiple ways and no one way would be more “correct” than any other, “Trumpf” and “Stumpf” might well have been alternate spellings of the same word. And the case of Peter Stumpf involved incest. Might the mistress burned alongside Stumpf have also been one of his sisters? Might not “Trump” and “Stumpf” be two alternate spellings of the same name? None of the specifics in the case can be verified and are preserved only in secondhand accounts, so anything is possible.

No, I don’t think the orange dictator is a werewolf, even if he is descended from one. But Peter Stumpf also confessed to having sold his soul to the Devil, and we *can* be reasonably sure that his potential descendant has done the same, so who knows?

The Evil Cheezman • January 17, 2019

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