Does Bloodborne Make Up For The Order: 1886?

It’s bloody and it’s marvellous – even when you’re dead

There isn’t as much werewolf action in Bloodborne, –but to be fair, most of The Order: 1886 was supposed to be a story that revolved around werewolf hunting and from what I understand from the numerous disappointed reviews… the werewolf fights and scenes were pitifully scarce. On the other hand, in Bloodborne, you fight against werewolf-y shaped monsters right away, and even risk becoming one after consuming too much impure blood, –and then being tracked down and killed.

The game is immersive, –and this is a good review, lots of pictures, keeping it fresh and sexy. The graphics look a little dodgy, but overall, it’s a pleasing view. I think if it was just a little cleaner on the scenery, with maybe softened angles here and there, they could be better. And you know it’s in the same thread as the Dark Souls, and Demon Souls games… so expect to die. A lot. 

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